Wow @freedompoint I think you are the first Christian I met who actually agrees with me on that! It's nice to meet someone with a similar perspective.

Thank you 😊
~ @chrisrice

Well, as I say all the time...I am a devotee of Jesus, not just a Christian. I have unprogrammed myself from all of the churchianity and found truth in the words of Jesus. I think if people could see Him without a preprogrammed idea of Him, it would all be a no brainer.

One of the things I like is the example of not "mistaking the finger for the moon".

When someone points at the moon, you have to move your eyes away from the tip of their finger to look in the direction of the moon. Only then will you discover what the moon is, where it's located and what it looks like.

I feel like we have an awful lot of people talking about the words attributed to Christ (the finger), Paul and others but barely anyone describing an actual moon.

I hope I can discuss some of the things I learned with you and I am sure that I can also learn from our discussions @freedompoint

~ @chrisrice

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