Sometimes You Need A Little Faith In Life (This Is Not A Religious Post!)

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I've had my fair share of bad shit happen.
And really, I know how it feels to kinda not know how to move further in life.
Stuck in a fucking rut and it 'feels' like there is NO way out.
It's fucking terrible.

I've felt like this quite a few (read:a shitload!) of times this year.
Like ALL hope was lost and there was no light to be found in the darkness that was suffocating me.

But hey, I realized something.
A little nugget of priceless information.

You got to keep the faith in life.
Even if it's just a little bit.
That little bit could potentially be your saviour.

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Let me tell you a lil story of what happened just yesterday which made me deeply feel this.

We, the man and I, have been wanting to live together for a while.
And every option that we had sort of fell apart before it even had a chance of happening.
So we were feeling a little down on the whole situation.
Because it just felt like nothing was moving.
It was just a stagnant mess.
Plus the house prices have flown through the roof.
It felt like we were either going to have live on very few square meters or pay exorbitant prices to live like how we want to live.

I had put out a facebook post about a week ago, telling my lovely fb friends that we were on the lookout for a place to call our own!

But very little had come off of it.

On Sunday, I suddenly just had this brain wave that said 'Tomorrow, our house is going to pop up into our life'.
It didn't feel like an epiphany or anything.
It just felt very natural and like it had already happened.
Not an inch of worry was found in my whole being.

And lo and behold, on Monday, a very good friend of mine tagged me in a fb post for a house.

And literally IT'S PERFECT.

So I am like MEGA happy.
And so is my man!

We make an appointment to view it on Wednesday night.
On Wednesday morning, I see that the owner of the house has made another appointment for a viewing with a lady in the afternoon.
(I was still tagged in the fb post so I got all the notifications if someone commented underneath it)

And my whole body started feeling really unwell.
I just KNEW she wanted to have the house too and if I was going to act, we were going to be left house-less.

So what did I do?

Yes the mega forward side in me came out and politely asked him if we could still be first option on the house because my boyfriend was working and could only see it in the evening. Plus we were VERY enthusiastic.


Because she wanted the house.
But he didn't give to her because I had asked him to hold out for us.


So off we went to look at the place, and it's just LOVELY.


Honestly, it's so perfect that it's like a dream come true.

  1. It's in THE area I wanted to be in.
  2. The price was reasonable but he reduced it by another 40 euros per month which makes even more friendly to our pockets.
  3. Huge livingroom
  4. The guy who lives above us is a good acquaintance of mine. (I didn't know that beforehand)
  5. We get the keys on the 1st of December but only start paying from the 1st of Jan. Which saves us a ton of money because we don't have to pay double rent!

It's just cosy, cute and it feels like it's going to be our home.

Now, for me to feel that way is weird.

The last time I felt at home anywhere was when I was 16, living in Spain.
So after 11 years of not being very invested in my living space, now I am SO excited to move into our little loveplace.

I even started a Pinterest board to get ideas for how to decorate our home (hahaha)

So the moral of the story or atleast what it feels like for me.

Have a little faith.
Because life can surprise you in ways that feel so magical, it'll make your heart blossom wide open.

BIG love,


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Maybe in life we need contrast, it's almost necessary so that we learn to appreciate triumphs.

I'm very happy for you, without a doubt your positive attitude has yielded fruits.

Te deseo lo mejor en tu nuevo hogar.



Gracias amigo.

I truly believe so :)

Life can surprise you in ways that feel so magical, it'll make your heart blossom wide open.

Faith works wonders in my life. It really is magical. In our video studio, for example, we show up and do our work even without knowing where the payment will come from, sometimes. Without that trust, we wouldn't be open to the possibility of payment. With the trust, we freely and abundantly give and receive. That's the way life works. Magic!

BTW, I noticed that you emphasized the point that this is not a religious post. I can understand why religious posts might be annoying to some people. I crave the day when we can express and explore philosophy (beliefs about existence) freely, with that same faith and trust you speak of here.


Yessss SO TRUE!!! :)
Well faith is very much connected to religious beliefs (somehow).
And even though I am a deeply spiritual person, there is only one religion I believe in.
The religion of Love. :)

And yes, I agree with you. Perhaps someday in our lifetime!
Thank you for being here @cabelindsay


Amen to that! Do you know this song?


I do now ;)

I completely agree with you @ashleykalila, Faith is very important in life. In this sense I have made a guidance publication on Mental Power and Faith. You can read it at the following link:


This is deep my dear. Faith, positivity, hope and belief always have a way of positively influencing the universe to bring that which we desire to us. It doesn't matter how long it may take or what efforts we have put. Just strong belief can move our mountains. I like the fact that you took the opportunity that the universe has presented by asking for the caretaker to reserve the house for you.

I'm glad you found a home for you and him. Thats the desire of every couple to be able to share love in an environment thats worthy of that.

I wish you goodluck in all your endeavours dear. Cheers!



I really feel that too.
I think it's essentially what pushes people from out of a miserable space in their own life to creating a life that is wonderful for themselves.
Thank you for joining my journey @nairadaddy! :)

Apparentely there is a time and place for everything, and you guys' time for a casa is NOW!

Happy decorating!


Thank you!!!

I simply like your post @ashleykalila , great content and presentation.
Thanks for sharing this post.


thank you!

I really enjoy reading your post @ashleykalila , The flower in the photo give the hope and faith in my life
So thank you for sharing this

happy for you ashley! stay positive always and keep on inspiring people! steem on! :)


thank you dear!

I'm very happy for you @ashleykalila

That's pretty cool, we had a similar thing happen to use, (we searched for 3 months!), and despite the one downside of an irresponsible landlady, it's been pretty wonderful. We lucked into great downtown spot, close to everything, and really affordable. (affordable being relative since we technically still can't afford to live on a fulltime pay check above minimum wage, yay america...) I'm happy to hear a good story though, it lifts my spirits C:


Good to hear! :) :)

Yea sometimes you get so damn lucky when you keep your spirits high ey?

Much love!