a mother's story looks at life

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A mother came to a neurologist, ~dock, I'm tired of living, my house is not harmonious, my husband is hotheaded, I want to die~. The doctor smiled, ~oh, mother only stress, and stress disease can be cured.

~No dock, I want to die.~ The mother persisted. ~Well, my mother will I give painkillers, so that mother can die peacefully on the sixth day~ Arriving at home, the mother taking the drug.

He also decided to make a special dinner with his family for the night to be a sweet memory for his family. Uncharacteristically, he joked with joy. Before going to bed she kisses her children and her husband and says 'mama loves you'. The next morning he wakes up and opens the window, feeling the fresh breeze on his body.

He walked in the morning hoping for the last time. Returning home, her husband is still sleeping. He also made two cups of tea, for her and her husband. Her husband felt strange and approached her, "mama, what happened? All this time I often hurt you forgive me y ma" In the housing complex he greeted everyone passing by, until everyone was surprised to see it. Tumben mother is good, they thought.

The mother begins to enjoy her day. The husband came home early and brought a parcel for him. The husband kissed her, "honey, again sorry if all this time I always bothered" From then on, the children dared to fall back on him. Suddenly he felt his life was so beautiful. She is afraid to leave her children and her husband.

But what about the toxins and drugs he has been taking? He rushed to the doctor and told him everything. The doctor smiled and said, "just take the medicine I give you, because it's all just ordinary vitamins."Happy mother has healed".



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