The Biggest Bluffing at a game of poker

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The single most successful bluff in poker history was performed by Qui Nguyen against Gordon Vayo in November 2016. From the beginning Vayo had the advantage, and initially thought that he was the one luring Nguyen by betting $9.7 million, which Nguyen accepted. Then when the second card was put into the river, Nguyen moved into bluffing mode, greatly increasing the bet even though Vayo had a 90% chance of winning.

When the final card was uncovered and Vayo had a hundred percent chance, Nguyen went all in. After thinking about it for minutes, Vayo decided to fold. Nguyen won $162 million in chips and a total of $8 million for his incredible nerve with a lousy hand.


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I guess he hid that twitch with his sunglasses.