What Could You Buy With 100 Dollars in 1930 ? - Daily Facts

in facts •  2 months ago

If you traveled back in time to 1930 in America and had 100 dollars you could get
a bit more bang for your buck. Your purchasing power would allow you to buy 28 654 bottles of Coca-Cola!
That means that if you lived since 1930 you would have a supply that would allow you to drink one Coca-Cola bottle six days a week till present and you would still be left with a supply of 1198 coke bottles. Now that is a lot of soda for a hundred dollars!


Daily - facts is a compilation I have started, where i want to write with interesting facts and history, in short format. Hope you enjoy it :)

Have a great day!

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Good idea!
My early days on #steem I have tried something bigger.
Good luck and I will be there to read you.
Keep on postin'


Thanks buddy ! I will be sure to produce some more of this fact series :)

In some countries, $100 and not much to buy,
but in others-it's decent money.
Interesting information you found, @dandesign86


Great collection of Coca-Cola history.
I think the old days were so much better and so much more affordable and enjoyable.


Atleast back in the day money was money 💰 hehe

I'm new to your blog. I like your post. Thank you for sharing with us.

I ran a facts series like this, too.


i remember that, i liked those. how come you stopped?


Too much effort for the level of rewards gained. Not once did a large SP holder upvote any installment of that series. My time is better spent learning photography. I have received dozens large upvotes from mostly @acidyo and also a few whales (mostly early this year) on my long-form photography posts. Discovering a new interesting fact and non-copyrighted images to illustrate it every night for six months with another six months to come can be taxing.

I will finish English Phrasal Verbs simply because I benefit from it myself. Looking for one good PV each morning to make a post about exposes me to many more. I have noticed that I've been using phrasal verbs more often than I used to which is a good thing in informal communication like this. I have followers who appreciate them. I have also enlisted three native speakers from three different countries (four if you take into account the fact that @cryptoandcoffee was born and spent his childhood in England) who comment on their use in their respective countries.


I hear what you’re saying. It’s a bit sad that content doesn’t matter so much here. I guess it comes down to Steem Power and engagement