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Male babies sometimes secrete milk from their breasts.

This is fun. I would post more, but I don't want to completely hijack the thread. I can get lost for hours just surfing from one wiki article to another. I end up wondering how I went from bananas to Jeanne de Clisson who sold all her land to purchase a fleet of pirate ships which she used to murder tons of French Nobles after they beheaded her husband.

Shark liver produce squalene the same liquid as vaginas to keep them moist and elastic. Sharks produce it to cut down on fats and oils since it is lighter than water. Smells fishy right?

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  1. 7% of Americans adults believe that chocolate milf comes from brown cows

  2. 95% of people text things they can't say in person

And now one fact that's completely mine and it's from official studies made by myself :p

95% of feminists are not in relationships!


I love chocolate milfs.


Im married to one.


Good for you

A week ago it was raining and it was like 5 pm and I went out with an umbrella and when I was already on the avenue, suddenly the air exploded and everything turned white and there was a noise like an atomic bomb, I threw myself to the floor, and it was that I realized that a beam had reached an electric pole more or less 50 meters from my position, something very crazy, thank God I do not pass anything, greetings.

Contrary to @mrosenquist's comment above, the earth is not spherical, but is in fact an oblate spheroid, or a sphere that is squished at the poles and bulging at the equator.


Can you spot the fact that spherical is an adjective which hardly espouses "perfect" or "exact" and is generally defined as "approximately " the shape of a sphere?fyi

In China, 2013 scientist were able to grow a human tooth from scratch using stem cells taken from urine.

I am really hungry now and the crypto dip is making me getting smaller... Like I'm dipping also

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My left side was stronger when I was born, so I couldn't really use my right side. I trained at the age of only a few months, and I became a right handed guy after that. My right side is the dominant one since that day.

lobsters are technically immortal... google it


What is a banana sucker then?

There is a tequila police. They travel the world making sure someone isn’t making a fake tequila.

I couldn't find out crazy things in the moment but can make now , this is for you from my garden


The world is actually spherical (apparently some people don't know or believe this) :P


It kind of bulges in the middle so that when you are standing at the summit of kotopaxi in Ecuador you are nearly 2km deeper into space than the summit of everest. Many buses pass through Rio bamba near there, and I wonder how many tourists have passed never realizing they were farther from the center of earth than everest base camp.

Japanese green tea called "Kabusecha"is the only kind of tea that is shaded /covered/ before harvest (5 to 16 days before). Due to less sunlight Kabusecha is rich in theanine, amino acid that makes you relax and can help with depression.

So, Kabusecha is one of the best natural antidepressants, and it tastes great!


Most of South America is EAST of Miami!

I will share a crazy fact about tge most of us here. We entered Steemit with 0$ but have a strong belief of becoming Billionaires. And we will 💰

Aliens are real

The phrase, 'Truth always wins' is the biggest lie.

If you want to act like a drunk man, don't act like a drunk man.
Act like a drunk man trying hard to be sober.


Sky is blue.

This day I fight with my friend.
Now I am free.

The Longest Word You can Type With Just Your Left Hand is “Sweaterdresses”

The national animal of Scotland is the Unicorn... Lol is another clone of Steemit

I was invited today by a Steemian

Chewing Gum whike cutting onions wobt make you cry

No matter what anyone else says, you matter. (This is a truth for everyone, not just Bernie)

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Humans are the Only Animals That Enjoy Spicy Foods

I can sing (only in the bathroom). So that no one khow it... lol...

It’s Impossible to Hum While You Hold Your Nose

I am wearing white socks and eating some home cooked rice. Believe you me, nobody knows this fact except I :P :D

Honey is the only food that doesn’t spoil

Wood tar is used as a spice in Finland.

Some snakes are.........

Cell Phones Are Full of Bacteria

Boyfriends do more household works than husbands


Brinjal looks like bomb 💣

Ok obviously i share with you my secret propose

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The average person has 100,000 - 150,000 strands of hair on their head (so don’t worry too much about the 40 - 150 you lost today).

Dogs Can Smell Cancer.

A lot of deaf people are able to hear to some degree, being deaf doesn't always mean complete silence just like being blind doesn't mean pure darkness. It can, but not always.

A cock lived some months without head.


He traveled around and people paid to see him for some time 😂😂😂

Well the crazy thing about me that I see very normal! I believe in Aliens even if the most people think I am crazy, but I am a true believer :D
So Aliens are real and the area 51 is real. All we need to do is some research to find out the truth :)

In 1714, Louis XIV received a gift from the mayor of Amsterdam. The mayor sent the king of France a newly acquired coffee plant from the orient. Louis, sensing its importance, placed the plant secured at the Royal Botanical Garden. This plant later became the ancestor of the plant that would bring coffee to the world market.

Nine years after the plant arrived in France, the plant grew up and a man’s ambition would trigger the rise of coffee. In 1723, Gabriel de Clieu stole a shoot of the coffee plant and escaped across the Atlantic. First he landed in Martinique and amassed a wealth from the stolen shoot that he planted in the island. Years later, from that single tree, coffee was introduced to mainland South America, especially, Brazil, today’s largest coffee producer.

Much of the world's coffee then comes from a single act of defiance and theft.

Tax is theft

Here's a fun fact. Most house accidents happen at home.
I swear I saw an insurance ad that said that.

In memory of the now late Burt Reynolds.

He turned down the role for Boogie Nights seven times before actually taking it. He still hated the role, and ultimately fired his agent for putting him in it.

It was his only Oscar nomination.

One of his best movies.

Washington DC, as most of us know, is the capital of the United States of America. The abbreviation DC stands for District of Columbia. Washington, however, which is also referred to as Washington State, is one of the states of the United States

Cannabinoids kill cancer cells.

Half of all pigs on earth live in #China.

my life is crazy :P

The singular for Scampi is Scampo....Scampi is actually the plural...

Laser is/was an acronym. It stands/stood for Light Amlification through Stimulated Emmision of Radiation.

Human beings are the only living entity on earth that has the ability to cry due to emotion:)

I am from future...

We are going to take off on Dec 11 , 2018

We are landing on Moon on Apr 03 , 2019

Potato Chips Cause More Weight Gain Than Any Other Food

#kr-crazy lots of crazy stuffs LOL

The Crypto Bull Market will start in October 2018 until October 2026.

The song "closing time" by semisonic is about a baby in the maternity ward and about having a baby.

I heard an interview with the songwriter and it blew my mind. Listen to that song again with that in mind... it's crazy. "Time for you to go out to the places you will be from."

human being are alien-made product

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There are two genders: male and female

A crazy fact is that education systems are still archaic, they want to teach you to be an employee and not a boss.

Steemians are crazy people, but in the good sense of the word.
They are creative.

I just jerked off to the hijab wearing Indonesian maid next door.

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I know loads of crazy facts, many of them would get me shot around here :-)

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