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The oceans surrounding our earth are seen without boundaries.There are several advantages of oceans.We have been seeing the incredible loss that resulted due to disturbances occur in those oceans.The oceans across the globe became the borders to countries and joining with other countries...We know that they are very useful for transportation and business.But so many amazing mysteries surrounding these oceans of this planet.Scientists found most of the lost pirate wealth through their study.But few ocean mysteries were left unsolved in the history.

 I am going to tell you about such 8 ocean mysteries which are unsolved by the research.

8: Milky Seas bright color

For all of recorded history, sailors living on the seashores have made the waters below them lighting up, glowing brightly and built homes.But many considered this a baseless superstition...And made its way into folklore mythologies.But satellite images showed that parts of the ocean really can glow brightly.The phenomenon is known as milky seas.Many believe they are caused by massive colonies of bacteria, which happen to be Bioluminescent.But few others said that due to the miraculous power of oceans, they glow brightly.But the actual facts remained a mystery.

 7: Bermeja Island

When the ocean explorers who have been doing an incessant research observed the Mexican map...In the 16th century, they found the mark of an island just off the Mexican coast.That was Bermeja island.A few years later after identifying this island...When they went to Bermeja island region in 1997 based on the map to see the island and find its whereabouts...They did not see any island there.An even more extensive survey also failed to find the island a decade later and not even find any clue about Bermeja island.Not only in Mexican map but as American maps also included the Bermeja island mark clearly...

How did the Bermeja island got disappeared?Does the island exist really?Or does this map appeared on the map due to the mistake committed by artists who prepared those maps?It remained an unknown mystery.

6: Sea Globster

As part of several unusual things seen in the oceans...This sea globster is an unknown living being found at the sea shorelines.In 1960, a living creature labelled a Sea monster was discovered.Due to that, whales were killed and made them decompose.It was labelled a sea monster but was later identified as a whale carcass.In 1808, A 55-foot globster was found at the seashore...When it was cleaned...They identified as a new species of giant Sea-serpent called as a plesiosaur.Looking unusual with hair on its body...It did not match any known animal species which we know.

5: Sea Peoples Disappear

Around the year 1200 BC, civilizations in the middle-East suddenly collapsed.This event is known as the bronze-age collapse.The Sea Peoples were a confederation of different groups who raided coastal settlements...At last, caused the collapse of these civilizations.Where did the pirates who established empires on the seashores and other people living there go?How did they go disappeared later?Nobody found the reason behind those incidents until now

 4: The Treasure of Jean Lafitte

We already discussed that earlier, many pirates attack at the seashore regions and rob the wealth.Jean Lafitte was the leader of those pirates.Along with his fellow men, he made a fortune attacking and looting ships in the Gulf of Mexico...And gained more and more wealth.With that, even other pirates joined him.He attacked two heavily armed Spanish warships in 1823.Although he looted a huge wealth in these attacks...He died of his wounds during attacks shortly after.He lived in Colombia for few years when he was wounded...It was estimated that his fortune to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars.Although few said that it was buried somewhere underwater close to New Orleans...But nobody found its exact location till now.

 3: Giant Octopus

There are several incidents where sailors who travel on sea often attacked by sea creatures sometimes.At a certain point of time, the octopus which lives deep in the sea attacked sailors and often destroying entire ships.When it was believed to be a fake story...In the 19th century, when whalers recorded encounters with octopus...Believed that it might have happened really.Once a giant octopus which was in wrecked state washed ashore.Professor Mark McMenamin studied that and said it could have been almost 100 feet long.According to this, it is known that the giant octopus monsters really attacked the ships travelling across the sea.

 2: Flor de La Mar

Flor de La Mar means "Flower of the sea".This is the name of a ship that disappeared in the 16th century.The treasure on board was a gift to the Portuguese king from the king of modern-day Thailand.The ship had been declared unsafe for the voyage, but it’s crew ignored that warning...When sailing the ship with tons of gold and sacks of money, it sank in 1511.Modern treasure hunters have put a huge effort into finding the shipwreck.But, all attempts have failed and nobody found the place where the ship sank until now.

 1: Bimini Road

In the Bahamas, there is an underwater stone pathway called Bimini Road.It has the appearance of a man-made pathway, and each stone is aligned in geometric patterns.However, there is no real evidence it was man-made until now.An American psychic predicted its discovery as a natural formation in Atlantic Ocean.But the actual facts behind this Bimini road structure were not yet found.

This is the information about unsolved ocean mysteries.To know few more interesting facts...

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