Facebook's new way of censoring those speaking Truth and showing support for Trump. Why Do They Try to Control the Information? Is it due to the coming Election?

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Up until yesterday I was able to share out to like minded groups I belong to.

This morning I get up, read a link from a great Patriot who asked about the info and gave a run down of observations in twitter thread format. As those are starting to grow on me.

Here is the post
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I proceeded to give observations
here is the twitter thread

facebook post pinned to top after photos

When I went to share out my post on fb to groups, they removed my option to share to groups. I was able from my personal page to share on my TestingTheNarrative site, but not the other groups who are Patriot and Qanon groups which I belong to. New way of censoring?

Then, they Actually send me this

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I heard @DiamondandSilk had similar situation happen to them and they have millions of followers. Now why do they want to pick on small time me?

Why can't I speak and share in the same manner progressives are allowed to share CEO of Nike collector of art by pedo style artist?

Oh wait, Maybe they'll let me If I pay, I say. . . Trump's my guy for Prez, he's doing a Stellar job definitely worth the pay to have his say!
Look at what they offered. . . I can run an add. They will censor, but glad to take my $

This was their offer. . .basically throw some money on that you stinkin' Truth Teller and we'll be happy to share this out! Of course small print likely states they can't guarantee any results and we pay at our own risk! Don't you just love Technocracy? Livin' in the Matrix. . .always proves interesting when you've Unplugged!

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For those who may not want to go go fb and twitter, here is the thread or chunking.

Umberto Garcia 1) Thank you for sharing this! I am going to do a breakdown of observations like a twitter thread, so there will be multiple responses in order to chunk info.

  1. As you probably know Liz Crokin has been an advocate speaking out against Pizzagate which I kept telling everyone was pedogate when I started doing investigations and reports due to the fact that much of these verified arrests were also connected to rings overseas. They are definitely both Here in the US and abroad everywhere.

  2. Gonz on Face Like the Sun is accurate. I have listened to him a few times. That verse is Outstanding! They are correct in their report. This lays out Precisely the operation. Funny, because the left Thinks they have something going on to combat him. . .They don't realize how long these plans have been laid and the info the White Hats have as They Literally Have it All from surveillance (all the laws they were breaking against the American People. . .that surveillance has been used to also entrap Them)! It really is Stellar!

  3. What they have laid out has been discussed and researched by anons who help research the Qanon boards which used to be done actively on 4chan and is now done on 8chan. I reported on Uranium about a year ago now and What is said in the Video is Correct! Hillary, Obama and many in his administration Actively and Knowingly took bribes with the Russians in a deal to sell them our Uranium.

  4. The fact that MSM and progressives attempt to ignore this, doesn't make it any less True! There is a trail of evidence and Those Sealed Indictments Do Indeed Exist.

  5. They are Correct about the Elite Pedo rings. At least 1/3 of Government complicit and involved and even some of the upper echelon of MSM, which is Why they fight so hard and mock pizzagate which is actually pedogate.

  6. .world wide pedo rings used to make money and blackmail politicians, high level rulers and people in virtually every industry in a place of authority. Attempts are made to entrap and blackmail, not All succumb, but many do.

  7. They absolutely played the players in this! The news in the video is older now. . .but not any less vital. All true! The Thread is Correct and it was Military Intelligence that sat Trump down to show him their intel and all the corruption that had been going on for years.

  8. As close as we can figure this is Army Military Intel after looking at the Qanon drops. They did indeed have a Network of corruptors constantly covering for them. That is how they got back with weakening the middle class, the military and ultimately our country for so long. It's a Globalist playbook they follow.

  9. Notice how often she said how Unpatriotic Trump was for wanting to “cozy up to Putin” She and the other corruptors Fell Hook Line and Sinker for the Trap! They took the bait right off and focused on Russian Collusion. . .Trump and All Knew Exactly who the colluders were as they have All the documentation from the Uranium One Deal including the backers, funders, where money was funneled (CF), Perkins Coi, Steele. . .basically the whole shebang!

  10. There's no squirming out! Gitmo has been upgraded and refortified. Out of room there now for the amount of Sealed Indictments. . .pointers towards other Institutions being fortified.

  11. Remember where Trump said, "you never show what you are doing. . .keep your enemy in the dark?" Sessions and Trump. . .Mueller knew All the deets prior to their show going down. Interesting how Hillary and the corruptors have said many times how the crimes they Didn't Realize the white hats already had evidence of. . .were horrible. What lies will they try to tell when the Evidence can't be denied?

  12. Putting the Enemy at Ease was definitely key! Hillary once again compromised Our security and tried to hide the funding of her dossier. They felt they had their hides covered and Never Thought She Would Lose! That is why she said if Trump were elected they would Hang!

  13. Trust Sessions. . .said over and over by Q because He Knew and it is why he recused himself. Now the corruptors and progressives Can't claim Sessions and Trump were working together when trying to bring down these high level criminals.

  14. Luke 8:17 so very good as Podesta's, Clintons and their cohorts Will be brought to justice for their crimes! For nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light.

  15. I noticed in the writing it also talked about Vegas. Def. a FF and orchestrated. I did a report on it not long after that went down. That Royal Airforce from Saudi Arabia was in a hotel not far away training for a couple weeks or more. Lots of tunnels in Vegas. I laid out funders and of course Gates co owning with the corrupt Saudi Arabia prince those upper levels of the mandalay bay. Went through the boards of investors between two hotels. Not long after those corruptors in SA were arrested. MSM just doesn't report what is Really Happening. They have NO Idea.

Here's the report on what was happening in Las Vegas and that Royal Air Force training there in Vegas just a short distance down in a hotel they cleaned out so they could stay there for about a couple of weeks. Verified tunnels under that city and staff traded back and forth from MB 11 Saudi princes Arrested and tie into Las Vegas Mandalay Bay Connections

Some of the symbology used in orchestration of the event and background of the other brother here Las Vegas shooter The Other Brother child porn Stephen Paddock's brother

As Q states in a recent drop

Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 2.46.38 PM.png



Q the Plan to Save the World

The way they justify censoring conservatives, but now their progressive allies and supporters





What are your thoughts on this? Have you been censored by Facebook, twitter, youtube or any other platform? Why do you suppose they do this? If the information being censored is false as they try to claim, why are they afraid to allow you and I to make our own decisions. Why do they put themselves above as like superiors and Gatekeepers of information that should be Ours? Why do they Control the Information? What purpose does this serve?

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