How Facebook blocks your website, but doesn't

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Need help!

The most written words on Facebook support. They've blocked my website and they say it's spam, so I can't post my domain name anywhere via Facebook.

As a domain owner, I made an experiment. I wrote to Facebook and said: "You've blocked my domain name for no reason. It does not contain any spam content, but I'm not waiting for any courtesy from your part do anything about it"

They let me post my website since then but...

Another friend of mine tried to post my website only as a domain name on his wall. They said it can't be posted because is flagged as spam.

As such, your website is not blocked for access, like a banned or bad domain name. They block you as a user to gain access to the website and not the website itself as access to other users.

When you can't post your domain name on Facebook it's not the blocked domain issue, it's you as a user whom can't post the specific website online for others.

All the spam content you see there is not blocked, but instead, it's you who gets blocked from posting the same website again. Your personal account gets banned, not the website you post.

It's like this:

John posts a website on his wall. After time, Facebook says it's spam and they delete the post, John creates, making the impossible for John to post again around this website.

Anne comes in and posts the same website but is automatically informed that this website is a spam thing, so she can't post either.

But John comes and pledge for the website that it's his, and it's not spam in any way, it was a mistake. Facebook undertsands and gives him permission to post it everywhere.

Anne still can't post the same website because has no access like John does.

So there you have it. Not the website is blocked, but the user who starts the first post. After the first user is reported as spam, all the rest can't access it until they ask for permission.

The permission is granted just for the person who asks. Others are keeping blocked to share or view the content.

Hope it helped you.

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