I just realised the crappy algorithms on Facebook matters a lot

in facebook •  4 months ago

With over 5,000 followers and almost 5,000 friends, my posts gets around 200 likes.

On Webtalk, where I joined 9 days ago, I just have 700 followers and my posts gets even 40 likes.

That's amazing. What's your experience with the crappy algorithms on social media platforms?

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its not the algorithms or number of likes that actually matter to me but rather the honesty and intensity attached to whatever reacton i get......am good with steem if i can get just 100 followers and few upvotes and comments than on fb and others where people u dont know before suddenly flood ur post with unnecesary stuff

What to do here? It's facebook clone?


No, it's similar with linkedin but they will share their revenue with its members


Where I can find people? Groups? Revenue for those who share referal?


We will get like $0.3/active referral/month, 5 levels deep without anyone upgrading or buying something. Already 604 people in my team!

I love it is free and the engagement there is bigger than on Linkedin where I have 11,000 followers...