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When Mark Zuckerberg was asked about the biggest achievement of his life, Facebook, the founder and CEO of the company again declined the direct answer and gave a rather vague answer: making the world "more open and communicative." Was almost a strange expression of the capitalist company's top scorer.

So the company unveils a new mission: "Giving people the ability to build society and bring the world together." It is the culmination of months, perhaps years, of virtual self-search in the Zuckerberg part and changes in the strategic direction of Facebook as a product. The social network has been moving in this direction for some time, away from a place of ridiculous life updates towards becoming the centerpiece of modern society building and digital discourse.

Zuckerberg announced the change yesterday at the top of Facebook communities to the top managers of the group. Where Zuckerberg admits:

 Since the last decade or so we have been focusing on making the world more open and connected. But I thought that if we gave people a voice and help them connect that would make the world much better on their own. "" Look around us and our society is still very divided. We have a responsibility to do more not only to connect the world but to bring the world together.

Instead of being a philosophy, Zuckerberg says Facebook is turning it into a goal.

 We want to help one billion people to join meaningful societies. If we can do that, it will not only reflect the full decline in the membership of society that we see throughout the world ... but also we will strengthen our social fabric and bring the world together. "

For now, Facebook sees that there are only 100 million members of a meaningful group.

Now, Facebook will allow group administrators to have direct access to metrics like growth and sharing, allowing them to easily filter membership requests, streamline posts, remove abusive users, and share all users' comments and comments. Facebook has also highlighted its idea of ​​a core and productive group with examples such as Lady Bikers Of California, for motorcyclists who meet personally, and the addiction support group has begun to support those suffering from drug and alcohol abuse.

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Wondering when he will start sharing his company's huge profits among the users.


Waiting for a news from Mark about the date

Just retire already. If I was him, I'd retire and live without having to work. I'm sure his phone rings off the hook and tons of email. Who wants that?


I think no he get get hundred of people and they will respond to email and phone, he have 40Billion and hem is looking for more haha