Has anyone left Facebook full time for Steemit full time?

in facebook •  11 months ago

I'm thinking of leaving CIAfacebook full time - there's a bit of a social pull there though because many of my family members are on FB and it's an easy platform to communicate.

Do you know anyone who has left FB full time? What about yourself?

I'm curious to see what your experience was like - for my New Year Resolution 2018 - I'm really tempted to 100% delete my account on FB.

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I have done a major pullback on what and who I talk to on FB. Too much drama these days and too much data mining. I do like the ability to stay in touch with distant relatives.


Gosh dang though - it makes me frustrated thinking about their levels of data mining.

I'm also considering it.

Woke up this morning locked out of my account. They asked for a selfie, and are taking forever to verify. If I stay, my personal profile will be inactive, and I'll use it only for my business page.