The perfect combo of incentivized social media: FutureNet & Steemit

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Social media is a trillion dollar virtual bubble that is about to pop. Just like Bitcoin did to the monetary system, both FutureNet and Steemit are decentralizing "digital human consciousness" to pay the people and help send crypto viral.

People have jumped from social media company to social media company for almost 20 years now since the invention of MySpace and the reason why but they never realized it, was because they weren't getting paid for their engagement!

Hollywood pays their celebs while corporations such as Facebook who makes over $25B a year from their 2B users takes all the money when we are the content creators. The trush is, they would be nothing without us!

In over a year now, FutureNet which is the next Facebook that pays the people has added over 1.5M users. It is the next Facebook that pays the people every 15 minutes in Bitcoin, and also the first social media company to be uncensored and also include end to end encryption for it's users. Millionairs have already been created year one in this platform and now it is gaining more traction because of the invention of Steemit.

Steemit has opened the eyes to crypto fans around the world since they have their own currency called STEEM. FutureNet is also releasing it's own real crypto in November 2017 which will be the world's first social media crypto on the exchanges. The word is quickly getting out about this crypto and it is estimated that by that time they will have 2-3M users day one of it's release on the exchanges.

You now have the option to get paid for your social media instead of contributing to the old corporate system such as Facebook, Twitter, etc that make billions from our activities. We have an obligation to pop this virtual bubble now which will help continue to promote the decentralizaiton of industries to come.

What will come next after we decentralize social media and the money system? The world is changing very quickly to help achieve the "Internet of Things" which is rapidly approaching.

You can join FutureNet today for free at and then make sure to download their mobile app from your smart phone store. For more info on FN, email

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