Ezira Hangout #21 | Ezira: State of the Network | 2018-8-26 | 1PM UTC | WeYouMe Rebrand Election

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Ezira combines blockchain social media, with a decentralized exchange and a peer to peer marketplace.

Join the Ezira Discord channel and tune in at 1:00PM UTC on Sunday 26th of August to take part in the next Ezira Hangout! Comment your question or topic, and it will be discussed live.

Major Project Announcement: The Ezira team is excited to announce a new brand identity for the project. For the next 7 days, the community will be open to the first ever network election conducted on the Bitshares blockchain. The new name of the Ezira project, should you choose to accept is: WeYouMe.

WeYouMe Cover 6.png

We believe that the WeYouMe brand is much more identifiable, memorable, personal and social. It is easier to understand and spell than Ezira, and describes the most important part of the project, and that is the community. We wanted a brand identity that was distinct from function or technology and we believe that WeYouMe is much more relatable and socially scalable than Ezira. For a social network to succeed, the concept has to be extremely simple to explain, and encapsulate most of the vision within the name.

At WeYouMe, we believe that the future of social media and commerce should be determined by We, You, and Me.

However, we will not be making the change without the support of the community. That is why we will be having the first network election, using the EZIRA asset.

To vote in support of the rebranding decision, send 1 EZIRA to the address "ezira" with the memo "YES".
To vote against the rebranding decision, send 1 EZIRA with the memo "NO".
The EZIRA balance of each voter will be checked, and the decision with the most EZIRA voting in support will be declared victorious.

Every vote will be refunded with 2 EZIRA when counted.

If the election is successful, we will be rebranding all aspects of the project to use the new name WeYouMe, including the website, social media platforms, and documents. The EZIRA asset will remain uneffected, and we will be moving to a new asset and bitshares account in the main ICO, WEYOUME. We will be moving to a new domain, www.weyoume.io. This transition will be very smooth, and all EZIRA holders will recieve an identical allocation of 1:1 mainnet WEYOUME, or WYM.

It is the hope of the team that the community supports our decision.

Ezira is running a preliminary Initial Coin Offering on Bitshares, using the asset EZIRA. Each unit will be converted to 1 EZIRA on the main net release. The crowdfunding campaign ends on the 1st of September. LESS than 7 days remain in the preliminary ICO.

Preliminary ICO Poster.png

Ezira Purchase Button.png


  • EZIRA rewards: Every account that holds EZIRA for 4 weeks and is active will earn EziraCoin rewards. 20% of issued EziraCoin will be distributed to EZIRA holders, to provide a reward for ownership.
  • Network revenue: Ezira earns revenue from promoted posts, memberships, and trading fees. Proceeds are used to autonomously buy and burn EziraCoin. This increases the value of EziraCoin, and benefits all ecosystem participants.
  • Network Growth: Ezira offers incentives for new users to be introduced to the blockchain. The growth in users represents a growth in the value held in the EZIRA asset to access voting power and network resources.

Send bitshares or bitUSD to ezira to purchase EZIRA in the weekly auction

Ezira is Powered by the Bitshares blockchain. Create your Bitshares address to hold your EZIRA assets.

What is Ezira?

Ezira is a distributed social media and business platform, that will enable everyone to share information and value freely. Ezira is like Facebook, but with Cryptocurrency rewards. Earn from your posts, without censorship. Ezira is to Steemit, as Facebook is to reddit.

Read the Ezira Outline

See last week's Hangout:


Investment Thesis




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Just started researching this fascinating project. I'm all for a competitive marketplace and it's nice to see someone developing a platform using graphene in their own way. I saw that the initial ICO is about to expire in a matter of days, and I'm considering putting some BTS into this project.

About the potential name change, I'm uncertain about it. It rolls off the tongue a bit strangely and appears a little confusing when typed, too. Of course I like the idea behind it. When will the election be concluded? I may get some EZIRA so I can cast a vote.

P.S. I had eziro.io open in my browser and it seemed to slow down my computer quite significantly. Once I closed the tab things sped up quite a lot. Know of anything that could have been causing it (any scripts, etc.)?


Check the setting, check data speed...


Everything is ok

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Thanks for posting another post of ezira
That's a great platform for sharing our vision

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Thank God Ezira is coming..

You are doing a great work pls keep it up and make us informed thank you bro....God bless you

Thank you. Very interesting, to take into account

This is good oppurtunity for people who are holding Ezira coins , they are at the benefit side , great option, i will plan myself , thank you for this update

Hi @dahaz159 It is an interesting topic to debate: Good idea to vote.

Thanks for your sharing

I like EZIRA name.

Is Ezira coin like steem??? How abou its earning status? more or less compare to steemit?

please upvote me brothers and help me grow on steemit please..


uses the same platform with tweaks... It;s just an easier way to get everybody on board because people like options.lol

Great work brother you are lucky nice blog

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This is a welcome development...

hello a great greeting from venezuela for the whole community excellent follow ahead!

Thanks a lot, this is very informative. There are humans in this platform pretending to provide information and click on-baiting customers. But this put up honestly packs a punch with all this information. well played sir.

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Nice article

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Nice post great work brother I am joining

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See you in the hangout

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