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I propose a new blockchain network, based on the advances of Steem and Bitshares, with advanced functionality. I am open to any and all public discourse regarding my proposal, and considering expressions of interest to join the development team. All earned funds from Steem posts will be powered up, and used to fund development. Follow to read the proceeding posts, as I publish the entirety of the whitepaper directly to the Steem blockchain for public consideration. 

Ezira White Paper V 1.0: https://www.scribd.com/document/338834077/Ezira-Whitepaper-V1-0

Post 1: https://steemit.com/ezira/@dahaz159/ann-ezira-a-democratic-social-media-and-cryptoeconomic-network-white-paper-part-1 

Post 2: https://steemit.com/ezira/@dahaz159/ezira-a-democratic-social-media-and-cryptoeconomic-network-white-paper-part-2

2  What is Ezira?

Ezira will synthesize social media with cryptocurrency based finance.  

It will enable public vote sorted community board posts, private group posts, personal identity profiles, follower based post broadcasting feeds, and encrypted private messaging. It will integrate a decentralized exchange, a multi-currency circular economy, blockchain based businesses, premium content publishing, and escrowed marketplace trading to enable a powerful cryptocurrency based financial system. Ezira’s flagship interface will be the website Ezira.io, which will allow users to interact with the blockchain network easily. Content creators, network officers, and resource providers are compensated by the network for their contributions. Third party developers will be able to freely create applications that use the public blockchain database structure.   

Ezira puts people first.  

With a variety of content posting options, you are in control of who can read your posts, and who can follow your identity. Information is freed from the walled gardens of the Old Guard of Social Media giants, by allowing for the permissioned access of any developer to leverage the data on the network. Your profile information is never sold to advertisers; it is controlled by you. Advertisers pay the entire Ezira network to promote their posts, not a privately controlled and owned company. Integrated blockchain level memberships and post promotion provide an unprecedented source of ongoing revenue for the community, and provide an unobtrusive organic way for creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs to expand their user base. Ezira posts are uncensorable, and unstoppable. All posts and valid transactions on the Ezira blockchain cannot be censored, and will always be publically visible at the protocol level. Accounts cannot be banned, suspended, muted, or shadow banned. Ezira does not enforce any content rules, and the network allows users and moderators to decide what to view, post, and allow in boards. Anonymous, Persona, and Profile accounts allow for separated networks of connections and distinct identity control for your posts, votes and views.    

Ezira brings the cryptocurrency world to the real world.  

By investing in blockchain compensated marketing and advocacy services from the community, Ezira builds a team of public ambassadors to deliver the cryptocurrency message to all people, of all nations and all levels of technical understanding. Ezira bridges the gap between the complexities of decentralized software, and the user experience of mainstream finance and social media. Ezira will use a minimalistic, elegant, and user-friendly approach to marketing, and will dedicate resources to assisting with the onboarding process for new entrants to the cryptocurrency sphere. A vibrant and rich media tutorial base will guide mainstream users to understand how to use Ezira and cryptocurrencies in general. Ezira will use a variety of integrated fiat currency gateway services to enable a frictionless inflow of capital into the ecosystem, and will not require users to be familiar with bitcoin, exchanges, or blockchains to be able to purchase and transact with Ezira cryptocurrencies. Ezira also allows users to earn their own cryptocurrency from content author rewards, product sales and premium content sales. The Supernode, Mining, Witness, Marketing, Development, and Advocate reward pools will all operate running the same easily accessed node software, and will not require any use of daemons or command lines to become an integral part of the Ezira network backbone.            

2.1 Communities:

Ezira empowers communities.  

Community leaders can create and moderate boards that hold posts. Moderators are able to customize their appearance using CSS control, and remove posts that violate board rules. Posts can be stuck to the top at moderator discretion, accounts can be whitelisted to accept all posts to the board or blacklisted to prevent certain accounts from being able to attach posts to the board in blockchain transactions. Any posts removed from a board are still visible to other boards, and the rest of the Ezira blockchain network. Viewers of posts have the most powerful customization tools available to directly shape the formulas that rank posts, and view the most relevant content to their interests. There are no default subscriptions to any boards for new accounts. Each user chooses their own starting boards to subscribe to, from a list of the most active and popular boards.   

Ezira celebrates creators and curators.  

Public posts on the network can be voted on to receive author rewards from the blockchain. Author and curator reward payouts are made in 75% liquid assets, offering more flexibility than other blockchain social media platforms. Liquid rewards can be set to automatically purchase any specified assets from the decentralized exchange, including value stable smartcoins, fiat currency gateway assets, and EZIRA equity. Content creators receive author reward payouts over the course of 30 days, allowing a longer timeframe for post discovery than other blockchain social media platforms. Ezira author rewards scale from a combination of votes and views, enabling dynamic and equitable distribution. Voting power on Ezira can be increased without extensive long term liquidity commitments through ownership of EZIRA, and optional long term commitments are rewarded with multipliers on voting power, and reward pool payouts on vested EziraCoin. Reward pool distributions do not dilute equity, they are made in a separate, high demand liquid currency that is distributed at a fixed, constant rate in blocks. Active accounts will receive a small activity reward each day, which scales with account balance. Curators are rewarded according to how early they vote for content, and how much voting power they contribute.   

Ezira provides unprecedented compensation for moderation.  

Ezira allows community leaders to earn from building a thriving discussion under their watchful administration and curation. Each post that earns author rewards from the Ezira blockchain contributes a small percentage of its reward to the moderators of the boards that it is listed on. This reward compensates moderators for the time and effort that they have invested in their community, and allows large successful communities to have a substantial group budget for projects of their choice. Our moderator voting features ensure that the leaders of a community are accountable to those that they oversee, and that communities have recourse from overzealous post removals, entrenchment of influence, and censorship.

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