- live prototype of the Ezira interface

in ezira •  7 months ago


Check out to see an early mockup of the Ezira Interface.

You can purchase EZIRA from to contribute to the development of the project, and get an early stake in the Ezira network. Each EZIRA is equivalent to 1 EZIRA on the main net when launched.

You can learn more about Ezira at:

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Never ever doubt that you are an innovator. I heard of this project not too long ago and my breath quickened at the amazing possibilities. I'd love to connect and get a better idea of your goals and intents pertaining to your project. Your grand plans. So that I know the full brevity of such an investment.

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hi @dahaz159

I just discovered your project and I must admit that ezira does look very interesting so far. At first glance it does look more similar to than

One of biggest steemit advantage is the fact that it has form of a blog so it's very google SEO friendly. Which isnt really the case with facebook or even minds. What about ezira?

Im going to follow you guys very closely


Se ve muy interesante el proyecto con el cual usted contribuye