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RE: Tokens will soon be here on Steem with Steem-Engine and a FIAT/STEEM exchange is being developed called

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Looks great. I saw this video this morning. I don't think he knows everything that's happening with Steem. I don't like his proposal, please leave some comments
Edit, never mind, let the people that don't like Steem do their stuff, I'll try to ignore them


Who cares. Why are you putting this on blog as a reply? Another Steem is shit post/video. Seen/heard it all before a million times.

I just shared some awesome news. That's what I recommend you focus on. Development on STEEM.

I just thought its worth having some comments on there from people that don't think Steem is shit. What's wrong with that? I put a link to Steem Engine in the comments. I think its good to spread positive news, rather than let the FUD go unchallenged.

Went for a walk and thought about it. I'll remove the link. This is your blog and I shouldn't of posted this here, sorry.

No problem, man! Stay positive!

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