Steem, the long wait. What's your vision for your investment in STEEM?

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Not that long ago, I heard everyone around me talk about crypto.

This has now completely died down.

With a lot of projects losing around 80-90% or more of their value I guess it's not everyone favourite subject anymore :)

Only a select few people that I know are still in it actively.

Me? I love it.

I love every aspect about crypto, from the freedom it will bring to the masses and has brought me to the insane markets that can drive you nuts.

I wouldn't want to miss this journey for the world. I often feel like I live on a different planet.

Anyway, for if it wasn't clear to anyone, Steem is my favourite project.

Has been since I discovered it 2,5 years ago.

Before that it was Eth and before that Bitcoin.

But this place is in a league of it's own.

It has by far the most potential for mass adaptation, much more than ETH or BTC and it's easy to see why because you will find every kind over human being here that uses it already and has the ability to earn crypto in any way, shape or form.

From the tech nerd to the technologically impaired, rich and poor, people from different backgrounds, speaking different languages and with different cultures and so on.

It's the simplest blockchain to implement and to use through its Dapps and has one of the easiest crypto's to send and receive.

Nothing has matched it or has come close.

With the introduction of communities and SMT's it will be a done deal.

A complete product that can be sold and marketed to the world with plenty of examples cases.

Like Steem Monsters.

Steem Monsters already has its own community but with fighting around the corner, tournaments with price money and a product that can be marketed on its own I expect thousands of players within 6 months.

And that is just one community. There are so many. Steemhunt, Partiko, Dtube just to name a few.

They will all grow further organically with time and in 6 months they will be provided with more tools to grow even faster.

Ultimately this will cause Steem to grow and at some point it will be just to big to be ignored.

Something I feel Steem is at times by the crypto community.

But that's fine really. At least it gives everyone an opportunity that believes in it to get in.

So far, we have been in a 9 month downtrend. With no signs of reversal as of yet and it sucks.

I do feel it.

But unlike bag holding my BTC or ETH I have managed to make my Steem work for me and create more. It's that powerful.

I believe that at some point Steem will reach a tipping point. Then there will be more buyers for STEEM than sellers.

The price will fly up pretty fast.

Within a couple years my goal is to lend that STEEM I'm earning now to projects, communities or apps that I think will make this place better and can't afford to buy STEEM for a nice return on investment.

That is the vision I have for my own investment in STEEM and one of the reasons I don't sell but keep everything I earn.

There is a huge risk of course, I have no idea wether I am right for sure. If I'm wrong STEEM will go to $0.

But from what I'm seeing on the development side I believe I'm right.

But yes, it sure is a long wait!

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My vision is to one day be able to make my living out of crypto, doing what I love to do and following my passion. It doesn't have to be steem, it could be a combination of things that could include mining for example.
When I was young everyone told me that I will never find success in being an artist, the competition is too high. Those people will be the first to be jealous because they are still working with the job that they hate just to survive between payouts.

A few years ago I told myself that I don't want another "job" again. If my next 30 years is about work I would rather not live. Short time after I discovered cryptocurrency and I studied it for about a year or almost two. During this time I didn't work and I still haven't worked one hour for almost 4 years now. But I'm still alive and I managed to get what I needed, sometimes in miraculous ways :)

Everyone I've told about cryptos got in in the hype and out in the crash, even if I told them to just hold on. None of them could see the bigger picture like I do. Meanwhile I have been buying the dips, and every time it gets lower I see it as a fire sale.


This is my first year living on crypto completely and truth be told if I hadn't parked a decent buffer of Fiat before making that decision I would have been in serious trouble. It's not for the faint of heart that's for sure but it's is an adventure I wouldn't wanna miss for the world.

I still haven't worked one hour for almost 4 years now. But I'm still alive and I managed to get what I needed, sometimes in miraculous ways :)

That is impressive man!

My goal; I want to build my city (Adelaide, South Australia). We just started a bot which picks ten names from a list and upvotes the most recent comment from each, at 100%.
I've supported it with a big delegation, which I'll be increasing soon.
It's only for locals (getting on the list requires attendance at a minimum of 3 monthly meetups and delegating 100SP), but if the Steem price gets back up to $10 Aussie dollars; then for an ongoing delegation of $1000 (100SP) punters get a chance at $10 every day.
That adds up; even if there are 20 people on the list, that's $150/month on average, or a 15% ROI with zero risk.
They can also find a popular post on which they want their comment pushed to the top and make it their last comment before the bot votes; potentially attracting more upvotes and followers.
Adelaide's going to be the Steem capital of the Southern Hemisphere :)


That is super cool!

I also invested some of funds in steem.

At one point in time most of us were the same way. We heard about Bitcoin perhaps in 2010 or 2011 or earlier, and we even had someone tell us to buy it. Maybe we even tried to buy it and couldn't figure out how. Imagine how some of us felt in 2013 when we watched the price go to $100, then to $1000, knowing we could have bought it at $5? $10? That feeling is unforgettable and indescribable.

When the price rises again the people who were talking about it but who didn't buy it or stay active in it will look back with regret or perhaps even guilt. Eventually the people talking about it become the people active in it once the technology is ready. It wasn't ready in Dec 2017 because for the most part it couldn't do anything, couldn't scale. In 2019 things will be a lot different, a lot.

Even Steem wasn't ready in 2017.


I wonder how many steem early adopters are pushing in strong because they've never forgiven themselves for missing bitcoin.
I got in on btc in 2013, but no matter how much and how early, you always wish it was more and earlier; just human nature.


Same here. Bought my first 1 BTC for $250.

but no matter how much and how early, you always wish it was more and earlier; just human nature.

You got that right! :)


I agree with you
In 2019, Steem will have a new turn following the launch of SMT projected for the first quarter of 2019
Times are tough for Crypto compared to last year but in all of this, Crypto rocks!

We are only starting to discover steem full potential. As a developer I think the possobilitys for this blockchain are endless, anyone with a bunch of steem can use it to store date in a reliable and decentralized blockchain. Steem is the best blockchain to store data because its fast and cheap, it only requires a certain amount of sp (a one time investment) to be able to use it and the amount of sp is proportional to the size of the project. That sp can also be leased from someone for a fairly cheap price. Another good point of steem is that we already have a good js library that any web developer can use.

You're right about Steem. Seeing a blockchain with tens of thousands of active users is still kind of an unusual thing in the crypto world, but this is yet to be reflected in the price development of Steem.

However, I actually think that the current consolidation is healthy for the environment. We need to stop thinking about just price all the time and start building actual solutions that provide actual value (and, ideally, also have actual business models). Price will go up automatically. I realize this is tough for everyone who is betting on crypto - or Steem, in particular - full-time, but it's necessary to filter the speculation noise.

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Agree with you and seeing accounts and people like yourself inspire me to continue forward in growing what could be a life changing experience for me! The great this about this here is the journey we get to experience whereas we decide on to engage. I started just focusing on posting and reading about crypto but now have engaged much further than that which includes my time with projects like @steemmonsters and @actifit which are great ways to grow here as well. Looking forward to what the future can bring to the ecosystem and my experience!

I’m going to plod along, earning a bit of Steem here and there, buying some whenever I can. Aiming for 7K by the end of this year, 10K by sometime next year. Short-term is retiring next year, long-term (2+ years) is to have Steem representing an increasingly large percentage of my income stream. Once retired, put even more effort into the Steem blockchain.

As crypto changed my life is everything for me like for you is love so as for me

Mark @exyle I think you will be Rewarded like all others that have been Patient in the Battle of Good VS. Evil.................. I am excited about what SteemMonsters brings to Steem too.............

2,5 years

or 2.5 years

This has been confusing to me for the longest time , I think the comma is the european convention for decimal . But what do you guys use when you need to use comma ?

Like how would you denote
I would type out 25,000 ; how about you?

I am here for the long-term and cool to be able to get Steem every day.

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A wait worth steeming about and the upside can be huge and monumental in proportion.
Again you can be wrong but the stake is too high and the potential is higher.
You have contemplate the use case of #Steem before.
Good post.

It is a long wait indeed. I have only been on here a fraction of the time that you have, but it has been a great ride so far. I am glad that I was talked into investing some of my outside money into STEEM. It just seems natural given the amount of time I spend on Steemit and the potential it has.

Well long term I would like to generate a a small residual income from Steem. Of the crypto’s I own most are long term hodls and I’ve leased my BTC to another site to generate interest and now steem im using it to be active on the blockchain and earn a bit! I’d also like to grow my stake so I can start my own projects and attract users to the potential of this blockchain! A bit of altruism to offset the selfish wants I have for crypto

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We live in the crypto world the hype has disappeared all of a sudden and its not like previous year for sure where everyone was excited to grab a piece of bitcoin thing are completely different but still those who are into this has to hold strongly

Within a couple years my goal is to lend that STEEM I'm earning now to projects, communities or apps that I think will make this place better and can't afford to buy STEEM for a nice return on investment.

Wow! This is super awesome and amazing
I am confident about the genuity of Steem as a project worth investing in the long term

I have been here also 2 years... And I like it very. Steemit help me a lot. Now I also hope we get this year here 2 or 3$ steem price back. And I also see steem can go fast up. Like last year last month ... just 1 month boom... it was 8 $ 😊😀👌🌟

I'm hoping to lend my STEEM too for a nice return on investment.

I've just got back from a 5 day trip to Gozo which coincided with HF20 so I took the opportunity to take the time off and didn't post.

Now it's time to decide how I want to proceed from here. 😊

My vision for Steem and cryptocurrencies in general is that Bitcoin will break the $6,000 USD support and there will be a sell-off.

The price of Steem will follow suit with a similar sell-off and head towards the $0.25 cent territory.

My first target price is $0.30, followed by $0.15 and then $0.10 if it goes that low. I don't have that much savings so I am trying to acquire a clean 1,000 to 5,000 Steem for a limited investment.

I am betting that the price of Steem will recover and start trading in the $1.00 to $6.00 range by 2020 followed with higher highs anytime within the next 10 years.

@exyle ... you are one of my favorite people to follow in this community. Keep spreading your truth and belief in Steem, as I share a similar mindset. My vision for Steem is that it becomes a top coin and is used my millions across the world. My vision is that entrepreneurs flock to this blockchain, adding value to the community and also lining their own pockets to achieve success in life. I love it here and can’t imagine going anywhere else.


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Hey @exyle! It's nice to be back in the steem groove. To check in on your positive blog. Boy i am hoping to buy in this dip 🤞 just need a bit of fiat to float my way. I for one am hoping the dip lasts long enough to do that! 🙏 it's pretty cool you bought your first btc for $250! Nice one!!

Have a fantastic day!

I skipped the early projects, STEEM as always been my favourite since I discovered crypto and got in love with the project. Which reflects on hours and hours of my life spent here, trying to be valuable for the community.

"Within a couple years my goal is to lend that STEEM I'm earning now to projects, communities or apps..."

I still don´t know how it will be done, but this is what we are all waiting for, and hopefully all this "hard work" we are having now, will result on a passive income.

It is a long wait. Some people are very discouraged by what they see. And I am not speaking about people who came to steemit for the quick buck. I am talking about content creators, the people who write. Many are feeling like they are being left in the dust to fend for themselves. I hope I see a reversal in this trend, because if we don't many will leave for other blockchains...

I am on the same boat Mark, be active for few years and then lend the Steem and make a hefty interest:).... Good luck to us all:)


Yes! Good luck to us all :)

Well we are waiting. We are going no where until the price tips and the selling begins.

I hope SMT would be launched anytime now. I believe that would definitely cause the point to tip.

Youll be a millionaire on a yot or living in a carboard box lol

Great article. The primary focus for me is to digitally use this as a journal for my kids. If anyone else reads this and I get some value, I am both flattered and pleased. Make no mistake the rewards have helped me in some difficult times. I was concerned about the changes but it seems it is back to normal. I admit I am technologically challenged. But it works for me too. I also enjoy reading about the lives of others around our small globe.