SPUD5! Goodbye linear Exyle, welcome liberated Exyle.

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Man, I feel liberated beyond belief!

I'm freewriting this post.

For the last 2,5 years (been here for 3,5 years, linear was introduced 2,5 years ago), I have shown up every day, worked hard and made content under linear rewards.

And I don't have to do that, religiously, any more thanks to #newsteem!

Let me explain.

If you want to grow your account under linear rewards you find yourself looking for support.

Everyone wants this support.

You most likely end up finding people on similar paths doing the same thing.

It's like leveling a character in World of Warcraft. You do quests in the game with people of a similar level.

But some people level faster than others, they work harder, put more hours in, take more risks, so you find yourself growing with different accounts on your journey.

Makes sense right?

But at some point, you hit Max Level, there is no-one above to grow with. Now what?

Well, you team up with other lvls 60 characters and you go and do the toughest dungeons in the game.

The dungeons where you can find the best rewards.

You find yourself automatically playing with similar people because it makes sense.

And it looks like this.

Screenshot 2019-08-31 at 09.20.35.png

Any newcomer to the game can think three things looking at this.

  1. I want to be like that. I'm going to work my ass off.
  2. Fuck that, I'm going to be a casual player, explore the world myself and enjoy myself all the way.
  3. That is unfair, look at those lvl 60's doing dungeons getting the best rewards while I am beating raptors to death with a wooden stick in the starting area. I am going to general chat and say I hate them and I'm also going to send them private messages to say I hate them.

Under linear, it simply never made sense for a lvl 60 to go back to the starting area all the time to help others out. You would only do it sometimes.

This has now changed.

And after 121 weeks of linear, I could not see anymore that some changes to the game itself might help the game out for more people. Including myself.

4 days into #newsteem and I feel liberated.

Yesterday I didn't make an evening post and this morning I wasn't sure if I was going to create anything but I was chilling and sipping my coffee and felt inspired. It's been a while since I wrote a long post and I felt like it.

Having Steempower allows this freedom to create or not to create.

I can compensate not creating fairly well now with decent curation.

My voting from the last 2 days. (if I plot for 7 days, old steem is still there).

Screenshot 2019-09-01 at 09.02.17.png

I use SmartSteem @ 98% voting power to make sure it doesn't go to 100% and I lose ROI.

Sometimes these votes go to post I wouldn't normally vote for. Not sure yet how to fix that yet. I tried the whitelist (on another account), but then sometimes the votes don't go out because no-one white listed posted.

I have added a ton of new authors to my personal voting bot. This is page 2 out of 3.

I'll rotate new ones in old ones out whenever I feel like it.

I got many new names from some posts people put up asking for good authors.

Screenshot 2019-09-01 at 08.50.40.png

I don't like manual curation that much.

When I see something I think will do well I upvote it but most of the time I'm not having a lot of fun going through the new page.

It's also very random, you can't sit there the whole day pressing F5.

My curation rewards look decent so far (this is including some old Steem still).

Average efficiency: 49.91%. I do wonder if that's good or not.

Screenshot 2019-09-01 at 09.23.37.png

For my own content?

I will create what I feel like and let #newsteem regulate it.

If you downvote it, It's ok, you don't have to let me know why. I don't care.

And now the whole point of this post!

Spud5! Steem power-up day!

It's a cool event created by user @streetstyle and I try to partake whenever it happens.

I just powered up 2116 STEEM that I bought in the last few days.

In the 3,5 years I been part of Steem there has always been a rule that has never changed.

Steempower is King if you want to be in control of your own destiny.

And that is something I always like to be if I can help it.

Have a great Sunday everyone.

The F1 season is back on and it's Raceday!

I'm going to watch the race with my friends and will have a ton of fun!

I am part of witness @blockbrothers.

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I'm still not sure what to make of the new system. I don't feel particularly inspired about it ATM TBH. I've largely been avoiding the platform until everything calms down a little. The dust needs to settle before any proper analysis of where HF21 has 'worked' - however we measure that (if that was ever decided, I don't think it was).

My curation efficiency is currently 70% btw, that's guessing at the optimum times post HF21, so it could get better. I'm quite good at curation efficiency but not the best. So <50% = room for improvement, then again it might be different with your huge SP?!

70% efficiency! That is fantastic! It's still hit and miss for me. Sometimes 80% on a post and sometimes 35%.

I'm also still getting used to HF21. I have a decent amount of stake and it's an improvement for me over what I had to do before to get ROI.

I do think the dust still has to settle. And I do feel that these improvements might be better for Steem as a blockchain (As a whole) but it will mighty differ per individual how they feel about it.

Well, you team up with other lvls 60 characters and you go and do the toughest dungeons in the game.

As more a solo player I hated the chance that you would get a load of lemons in your group leading to a wipe. Yes I wasted several years of my life on WoW too!

Thanks for the support, it's inspiring.. but we need new blood and people.. something I'm aiming to work on.

  ·  last month (edited)

Me too, that's why I usually ended up playing with the same people. Always nice to meet a Wow player that can relate!

Fuck status quo, create your own journey, do your own thing and be your own person! Stop following people "cuz it works" and make your own path in life and on steemit.. This is exactly why I follow you and not a lot of other high rep steemians.. Although I am guilty of following @exile too because he always seems to have something interesting to say, whether I agree with it or not.. lol..

He's always upbeat and lifts me up when STEEM is falling (isn't that all the time?). There's good reasons to follow @exyle.

😂 Sounds like you're living like a retiree, doing what you feel like. Good for you!

I'm a bit like a deer in headlights right now. I've only made one post since HF21, I don't have enough time (or will) to do enough manual curation so as not to waste my SP so I was wondering . . .

What do you mean by

I use SmartSteem @ 98% voting power to make sure it doesn't go to 100% and I lose ROI.

That sounds like something I might benefit from.

In the meantime I'm focussing on making the most from my SM investment.

Are you missing playing monsters? 😁

With Smartsteem you can 'sell' a vote when your SP reaches a certain level. I have it set at 98%.

In the past it would happen that my SP would be 100% through the night, making me miss ROI on voting.

My aim is to have Smartsteem trigger only sporadically. With auto and manual curating doing the majority of the work.

OK. Thanks @exyle. I 'll have to look into that.

In the past it would happen that my SP would be 100% through the night

That was happening to me too so I set it up on steemrewarding to vote on an SBI post since there are 10 of those so a good chance one wouldn't be too old.

Now the linear aspect has changed I'm not sure if this is such a good idea anymore.

Will put it on my "to do" list. 😁

SBI main posts still work well for autovoting because they're always above the 40 steem threshold.

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Thanks @improv. Does that mean that posts that consistently pay out more than 40 steem are the best for autovoting?

haha good for you exyle. f5? hmm

Thanks! F5 = refresh.

  ·  last month (edited)

lol i have been using my mouse hitting the reload thingo for years


Thanks for the shout out @exyle and mention And Support for the #spud movement. It truly means a lot and carries a lot of weight with your support, that's for Sure!!
Have a great day, Steem Power has always been King in my eyes too and now it has it's own day in #SPUD .

I hope the day will be a success!

Wow @exyle.. you curated my friend @jacuzzi 😀👏

Nice ☝️ I like his posts too 😁

@Chrisrice You are EPIC brother. The amount to Energery you put into community and being the glue the binds is insperational. Thank you for the shout out. :D

I've been going through somewhat of a mental struggle the last couple of days when it comes down to Steem and I think I also got to a point where I somewhat feel liberated.

Nearly everyone (that isn't a major SP holder) these days is just post2mining actifit shitposts or steemmonsters reward cars shitpost abusing different tags in the process just because the system pushes toward that behavior for most smaller accounts giving more rewards compared to making actual content with some passion. Many of those posts also don't reach the linear reward curve which loses out on Curation rewards.

The linear reward curve put so much weight on 'upvote4upvote' that is was often a waste giving upvotes to bigger guys like you or putting them on auto-upvote because there was literally no chance of getting anything back. Right now I pretty much stopped caring and just vote for content I like and people that are genuine and consistent in what they bring to the platform as long as the linear reward curve will be reached.

So yes, the big guys will do better with the current system while the small ones and those who start out will absolutely get crushed by it. I'm still not sure where it's all going but I'm looking forward to see how it all unfolds.

Steem power is definitely king, your preparations for the future is definitely astounding.

I don't like manual curation that much.

Way back when, I did some autovoting but it seemed that I was missing out on a lot. Have been only manually curating since. Maybe when Steem is so much bigger I’ll go back to autovoting; by then I’d missing a lot just due to a deluge of posts.

It's fascinating to watch this unfold...I think it's too early for me to say if this helps or hurts account levels like mine or not...But I'm hopeful.

Nothing really will change on my end i'm still trucking along! However you are leading by example man with this example you laid out.... I think if new steem is to flourish under this model, more Steemians need to follow suit.

And I don't think it's only larger accounts...I really do believe everyone wins when we support each other. Silly little utopian ideals I have lol

Thanks for the food for thought man....Happy Race Day!

  ·  last month (edited)

For what it is worth. I had already put you on page3 before you made this comment. (not in the screenshot).

Lol, hitting F5 all day sounds like an old school computer game in its own right!!

I notice that the motivation for people to power up substantially is growing. This will eventually drive Steem price up, at least in a normal market it should!

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And there's 25% mana for free fireballs!

lol! More like free Pyroblasts!

I'm glad to that there is now a more level playing field, as it's very off putting for newbies to see the platform as a circle jerk for whales.

Hello Exyle
Thank you for honest post. I have been contemplating this same behavior of hitting the dungeons with equal levels since Steem-Engine came out. I still like to peruse the new page to give out ten votes to newbies, but after that I think your right, off to the trending or hot page to support people at my level and hope they reciprocate. I guess this means I may have to reduce my delegations. When I am active. I hope this new EIP works somehow for top and bottom through some type of trickle down effect.
Take care and enjoy the race.

Hell Yes Way to Go Mark @exyle nothing can Stop you Now. I Like this Post, You even Threw in an F*Bomb !!!

Nice to see that NewSteem is changing so many things, so far I've only seen a decrease in bidbot abusing and more curation... a lot of people are scared that the bidbot delegators and owners will cashout since their bidbots are being used less and less, but I think they won't, they can earn more now just curating, and even if they do cashout, it only means cheaper steem to buy and powerup.

People were telling me that since the reward curve changed every content creator that made less than 20STEEM would be very badly affected , but so far I haven't seen it happen, I think the lessened rewards are being countered by the increased curation and by the decrease in the bidbot usage.

Man - I just powered up 2,000 Steem too for my SPUD post . I feel you just did a little bit more as your a competitor!!. Great post today it makes sense and I like the new mindset. My weighted average curation is currently 63%, I don’t know what others are achieving either. Have a great day.

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Nice powerup! And good curation numbers there!

I hope the additional curation rewards encourage interaction rather than just auto-voting. It’ll take a few weeks to Settle down and see how this huge change will pan out.

I just powered up 2116 STEEM that I bought in the last few days.

I didn't even remember SPUD's today – powered up 728 STEEM already yesterday!

Still a nice powerup regardless!

This post has been included in the latest edition of The Steem News - a compilation of the key news stories on the Steem blockchain.

Make sure you enjoy the new ride Mark.

Have a great one

Thanks, man. I do!

for the most part i have been against self voting, thought it was next to using bit bots, and it's not like I have a huge amount of SP, but i think I am going to have to help myself out more.

good on you @exyle for putting in the work early on in you Steem life,

  ·  last month (edited)

I'm not against it btw. I'm just trying a different thing.

God to see you are throwing votes to lots of [email protected]
Indeed Steem Power is the key on Steem, especially after the new Hardforks.
All us content creators and community leaders need that extra boost the new Hardfork hopes to implement in order to keep us motivated and on track.

Happy #SPUD 5 day to you and to everyone who participates in this awesome event!

Welcome liberated exyle, good job, i like your post

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@Exyle Thank you freind for your support. :D I know the feeling of waking up and being like... meh I don't want to type things today... to me, it's like going to the gym. After a long day, the idea of spending an hour or so doing heavy body things is not high on the list. But you put pants on, pull your self to the temple of sweat and push steal. You feel better, the mind is clear and you are better off. This is like Steemit, at least to me.

Thank you for all your support, it does mean a lot to me. :D

2116 is a good amount for any haha!

pd: congratulations!

Haha. Aint that something.
Who said people cant change.

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Good afternoon, @exyle the liberated :)

Great to see a change-up in the charts, gotta feel good. Cheers!

New feed is chaotic evil. It is best to use tags you like to curate.

Thanks, for the tip!

New steem make many change and we mus welcome it.
Today is SPUD and now I see you take a part in this movement. I hope more whale and Steemians who support this program. Your support to SPUD make me eager to stand with Steem and this platform. SPUD initiative by @streetstyle is great. We make many promotion to get support. And You shout loudly and I am sure many steemian will join.
Thank you @exyle
Warm regard from Indonesia

Hey @exyle, I wanted to let you know that percentage shown on SteemWorld are not correct as stated by @steemchiller in his latest post:


Please don't take the current estimations (especially the coming curation rewards) too serious until I'm done with my 'after-fork' adaptions.

Thanks for letting me know!

You're welcome! Since I read that you referred to steemworld in your post, I thought it correct to let you know what @steemchiller said about it after the HF21/22. ;-)

Test test

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Oh man, I guess I missed it. I was really looking forward to participating in the SPUD this time. I think I mentioned it before but I have some STEEM saved up that I am looking to power up. I guess that is what happens when the special day falls on a weekend!

Nice position you are in. Keep on keeping on :)