Powerdown Statistics #15 - June 29th - July 12th + Steem price + Buying STEEM.

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Every two weeks or so I like to compare the current power-up statistics and see how we stand.

Here they are:

29 June 2019

STEEMPOWER199,3 million
LIQUID STEEM113,9 million
SBD9,0 million

Virtual Supply ≈ 337,789,319 STEEM

12 July 2019

STEEMPOWER198,2 million (-1,1 million)
LIQUID STEEM116,3 million (+2,4 million)
SBD8,9 million (-0,1 million)

Virtual Supply ≈ 341,216,511 STEEM

Another two weeks, another report!

In the last two weeks, the amount of STEEM that is powered up has gone down by 1,1 million. That's a change from the last two reports where it stayed the same.

I guess besides a few nutcases, like myself, that are buying and powering up, most want out at the moment.

Some SBD was converted to STEEM as well now that it's getting close to optimal again. (You can see it in the increase in virtual supply).

Inflation was, therefore, not stable these two weeks.

STEEM price

As I wrote last week the A rating we received on coinmarketcap didn't matter much at the current sentiment.

But I am doing what I said I would be doing in the last report.

I'm buying STEEM under 40 cents and have been able to add some decent amount to my SP.

The price in the last two weeks has tumbled a lot (~ -40%) while only 1,5% of liquid STEEM was added to the total existing liquid supply. Makes no sense to me.

I'm dollar averaging in. I don't mind lower prices at the moment. Every day I can buy more STEEM for the same amount of dollars.

I have noticed I'm passing some names on the Steempower rich list that 2 years ago I would have considered gods of the platform and unreachable.

Goes to show this is not a race but a grindfest of epic proportions and I'm good at it. (doesn't mean I'm going to win though, do your own research, I have.)

The same thing as the last report applies today.

Currently, it's no question what is more effective to get STEEM. Buying it is where it's at vs. earning it.

REMEMBER, this reverses when STEEM trades higher and then earning it is where it's at because buying becomes impossible.

Having enough STEEMPOWER to earn STEEM (without having to rely on others, aka curation) is my goal.

HF21 will make this even more important.

I am part of witness @blockbrothers.

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I had to buy 1000 Steem Today, it looked too good not too buy :)

Think I'll start buying more now. Steem Monsters seems to be doing great. If that really takes off, it will be good publicity for Steem. I don't want to wish I bought more at the lows again.

I wouldn’t go to heavy right now. My price target for bitcoin is around $8k and alts will get hit again but I can be totally wrong 😬😂

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Have this good man - @tipu send 10 tokens

Success! 10.0 @tipU tokens worth of 11.011 STEEM POWER have just been sent to @stackin.
@stackin - you can check out your new investment at: https://tipu.online.
Please validate the transfer at steem-engine wallet.

I think it might be time for me to start buying again. I wanna cross 20k SP!

Not gonna lie though. This drop in the marketcap worries me. Even though steem is one of the best blockchains out and has lots of development. Sometimes I feel like Steem could be the Sega Saturn of blockchains.

We have so many people ranting and raving about how great this platform is, yet when bitcoin rises, steem stays stagnant and when bitcoin drops, steem gets rekt. I don't get it man.

Hopefully this is like March 2017, just before a huge bull run. Might be too soon or it might never happen but the risk/reward ratio is huge if it does. I don't gamble, so the money I would be losing on that is going into Steem. I'm prepared to lose it but hope buying when others are selling will pay off.

I'm also tempted into buying now :)

Just thinking can I get even better price .... but I guess a decision must be made at some point, and stop chasing the best price. Having something on a side for just in case ... multiple buying on the way down ...

Well call me a nutcase too, cuz I bought in as well. Steem is approaching its lowest point for the year, but I don't think it will go below that.Thats the cut off point for me.

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Hey Mark! You're looking great! Are you still doing intermittent fasting? I am sure looking forward to the bulls being let loose, those will be some fun times to enjoy. But, having the opportunity to stack a bit more steem is great too! Congratulations on your most recent addition. Steem on man! 🌟⬆️🌟⬆️🌟⬆️🌟

I am also going to be buying soon. It's not going to be easy though, people are already freaking out about the price, it's only going to get worse.

It's not easy but once you start it's not so bad. I am prepared for worse. I don't know where the bottom is.

It's so brave of you to keep powering up some Steem regularly while others are whining...

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Thanks! I don't like to whine, I just act. My belief in this blockchain is still solid.

If you are solid, I'm solid too. Easy for me to follow your lead when you with almost 250k SP are still optimistic.

Mark @exyle I like your attitude and it is Good to be Positive. You and I have Been here for 3 years and everything will work out just fine......
So Many Great Things happening on Multiple Levels Right Now

Hope we can see less power downs and more STEEM PRICE with SMT launch!
Thanks for the update!


liquid steem on rise that's a thing everyone is worrying about

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Hi @exyle, do you think the announcement that witnesses should start testing HF21 had anything to do with the sudden price drop of Steem.

No, I don't think so.

Thanks for your prompt response.

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Same here, I'm powering up because we have so much going on here on our Blockchain and somewhere it feels like home to me after 2 years now :)