I'm slowly becoming heavily invested in STEEM MONSTERS. I'm a fan.

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By now I'm pretty heavily invested into Steem Monsters.

I think it's a great project and right up my ally because I like trading card games.

I have been burning substantial amounts of SBD not buying packs but buying cards on the market.

Buying packs is more fun but buying cards is more efficient.

If this game turns out to be a success I think most of them are undervalued at this moment.

I have several reasons for this but the fact that the Alpha version is finite at 300.000 packs or 1.5 million cards is one of them.

It might sounds like a lot of cards but considering I do expects tens of thousands of players it's not really.

Of course if this game turns out to be a dud they are severely overvalued but I do not expect this.

As usual my investment into these cards is for years.

What makes me so bullish on the success of this game is that it's not only possible to trade your cards but that they are actually yours (unlike commercial digital games where they are just a database entry).

Also the amount of work that has gone into it already and is still going on + the community effort writing the lore I think is awesome and shows growth and potential.

And that's besides the fact that they have earned $400.000 (probably gone down a bit because of lower STEEM price but still) already selling packs.

And lastly the fact that players will be able to compete over real price money! At least $1000 a week. This will attract some players for sure.

Recently they decided to have a kickstarter here to generate addiction income to make the game better.

This is in dollars. Also watch the video it's really cool.

I couldn't help myself and bought a pledge and so far they have raised $33000 out of the $50.000 they wanted and that's just in 2 days.

I was happy to see that becoming as Boss in the game cost $2900 and I managed (if you remember) to win the auction to become the first boss in the game for 'only' 650 STEEM.

That effort is going well btw. The story is done and the artwork is coming along nicely.

It won't be long before fighting will commence and I cannot wait.

I'm a fan I cannot deny it.

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Hey @exyle,

That's great that you're really getting into Steem Monsters, even though you're literally already a part of the game 😀

I agree that this game will be a success, and I for one can't wait for the Beta edition cards to be released and to see what the @steemmonsters team has in store for the holiday season!


I look like Steem monster myself with all these price drops!

That's the attitude, @exyle! You're doing a great job: investing and advertising. Your optimism is contagious. That's the job we must do everything with this platform you've given us. If we want to stay in the game, we must bet on it I support you



I need to add to my cards. I have not really bought much. Well I don't have much steem anyhow but I am waiting for the game to start. Hopefully, I will make a killing there.

I too am pretty excited about the project and participated in the kickstarter yesterday to help get off the ground. I think this is a great example of the versatility of the STEEM blockchain and could drive additional interest to users, investors and developers to considers their use cases or projects.


Yeah, it shows versatility indeed!

I think everyone involved in Steem in any way should be buying these cards. Right now there are only 2000+ steemians buyings cards....just think if this were to even double out of the hundred thousands of account.

It should pick up soon.

I hope that steemmonster cards will rise in price in the near future @exyle so you can rich and donate to me.
Kidding aside, I think steemmonsters is just for people who are passionate about collecting stuff and not much people are like that.


It's more than collecting. It's a game I can't wait to play.

Awesome! I too am excite to start playing. I finally bought a couple of booster packs to add to my starter set. I am slowly building my army of monsters, so many cards I still want to get. :)


This is how it starts :)


LOL for sure. I am so tempted to buy some more booster packs....LOL

I am a fan myself. I have bought an unreasonable amount of cards so far.

I am a bit "pissed" about the 10k perks though as I would be better off just buying that and I feel a bit punished being an early steemian who invested.

Nevertheless I hope it will be a big hit.


I'm not sure how much you have invested in total. I have invested enough with buying cards of the market/directly from players + boss fight but I must admit that 10k deal is pretty sweet in hindsight but it's still a hefty investment though for anyone I would think. Nevertheless I'm like you and I hope it will be a big hit.


bought around 4.5k packs.

With the value of gold legendary cards I would have been way better off buying the 10k perk


O that is indeed substantial! Yes, I have to agree with you.

Damn the video was pretty good, well done @aggroed!!

I´am pretty confident the $50K will be reached very easily, there are just too many lovers of this game :D


Yeah that video was really well done!

It is indeed looking great I saw some gameplay and I was pleasantly surprised by how well Steemmonsters is turning out and considering its still said to early gameplay with improvements to come @exyle

I'm a diehard, known Magic: The Gathering nerd so I've been super in to the @steemmonsters project. Such a natural fit for me. I've always been very in to their posts on the tech behind how they make this project work on the STEEM blockchain.


Me too. I read everything.


I wish I could trade my real life Magic the Gathering cards for Steem Monster cards!

I had a nice surprise @exyle when I went to check my account, after reading this post, that I'd won a few cards I didn't know about.

I still don't have any complete sets though so wonder if I should buy some specific cards.

Would I do that via the Discord channel?


There is also a secondary, third-party Monster Market already set up by @asgarth and @jarvie, called PeakMonsters, which is like a second interface into the game's marketplace. They also have some great data graphs and visualisations about the statistics of the cards.

This isn't just a single single game either. @aggroed and @yabapmatt have said that they would like to see other sites and other games spring up around the blockchain-based cards, to use the same card assets in different games. I'm looking forward to seeing that eventuate.

Great post, by the way, @exyle. Your viewpoint was very interesting. I look forward to learning more about your Boss character in the game.

🙚   SteemMonsters: • Site   • Discord   |  Steempunk.net: • Site   • Discord   |   Chibera:   • Site   • Discord   🙘


Thanks for that information @trisquelwhare. I'll take a look at PeakMonsters. I've just been looking at SteemPeak but found a bug that prevented me from doing what I wanted to do there but @asgarth was on it right away. 😁

they would like to see other sites and other games spring up around the blockchain-based cards, to use the same card assets in different games.

I didn't realise they were talking about using the same cards. I thought they were just referring to different games. That does sound like a great idea.

Do you know if there will be a way to delegate cards for play by people who know what they are doing? I watched a dummy game being played this morning and had no clue as to what was going on. 😂


Yes, I have heard that this feature is coming, but from what I understand it won't be in the Alpha. We may have to wait until the Beta Edition for that, unfortunately. I do know of people who are already leveling up sets of cards to all of the different levels, so that when the functionality to be able to delegate cards happens, they will have the stock on hand for any possible configuration of cards required. 😉


I do know of people who are already leveling up sets of cards to all of the different levels

Could you explain what you mean by that @trisquelwhare or point me in the direction for where I can learn about it?

Is there anywhere that covers the basics for people who've never played these games before such as what constitutes a set and what constitutes a level? Are there any very basic tutorials do you know? 😊


Sure, I'm no expert on these things, but I have been reading a lot and watching all the videos etc about the game. I'm also working on the SteemMonsters Wiki, which was started by @carn. Basically, you need multiple cards of the same name in order to level them by combining them together (something you can't really do with physical cards, haha). The sets are divided into colours, also known as elements, or Splinters in the lore of the game. The colours are green, blue, red, black, white, and gold. Beyond that there are the four "rarity levels" as well, being common, rare, epic, and legendary. Also, there are the two "classes", being monsters and summoners.

So if I say that I have a Level 4 Rare Azmarian Medusa  card, then I will know that this blue Rare monster has been combined with 14 other Medusa's to make it a Level 4 card. Does that make sense? Oh, one thing I forgot to mention is the "finish" of the cards, which is either "Regular" or "Gold Foil" (GF), and the latter will only be able to fight in battles and tournaments with other "Gold Foil" cards, and vice versa. The GF tournaments, presumably, will be where the big prizemoney can be made in the game.


Does that make sense?

Not on first reading but I've copied and pasted this so I can look at alongside my cards.

Many thanks!


Someone in the SM community (sorry, I can't remember who it was) has made this awesome reference card to tell you how many cards you would need to combine together for each level. Maybe this will make things a bit clearer for you.


Haha, they have a market on the site steemmonsters.com where you can do that!

I'm glad that you're enjoying Steem Monsters @exyle I don't play the game or games like it, but it was interesting to discover how much money they have made so far!

Thank you for such an interesting post. I am happy to have found you on Steemit 😊

Интересная статья! автору респект и подписка.

steemmonsters is rocking everywhere 😍 im fan too and i agree with this too buying packs is more fun 😍

Buying packs is more fun but buying cards is more efficient.

I definitely need to look into more about Steem Monsters. Thanks for sharing @exyle. Looks quite exciting and in high demand.

Btw @exyle, just letting you know because of your Content Excellence you've secured a spot on
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Your Consistency in providing high quality Material is so much appreciated by the Steemit Community that we feel it should be rewarded Consistently :)

Is it safe or it could be helped in future

i jumped in when it first launched but wasn’t as excited as everyone else seemed to me. i have to be honest. my curiosity has peaked quite a bit recently.

plus hearing yabapmatt speak at the steem creators conference via video (and getting the physical steem monster card lol) my interest and curiosity is rising again lol

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Your going to be worth over a hundred million within the next decade. Your home will be on the moon and your have a spaceship that gets you back to earth for your morning breakfast in any country you like 😂

Yeahh!! Opening is more fun haha it's kind of addictive. That's how they get ya lol. Have you seen gamedex? They're all about blockchain based trading card games.

I really like cards games, but I think that Steem Mosters could become top expensive foto my Walker. You are rich and you can invest some Steem or SBD.
Keep us informated!!!

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It is incredible the amount of money that has been achieved in such a short time, taking into account that the game so I understand is not all ready when I really come for its success achieved a great impact or greater than is being in this moment

Me too. These cards are very addictive 😬😁

To tell you the truth @exyle, I am also becoming a fan and investing more and more into Steem Monsters. Their Kickstarter project is really awesome initiative to get the project and Steemit in general out in the public, to get it visible outside of Steemit ecosystem.

We participated in the kickstarter, and our team got motivated to develop a really cool game on the Steemit Blockchain as well. Are you in?

You are simply becoming the whale of that game too hahah :D

I am excited for this too. The start date of tournaments can't get here soon enough. I don't have many cards and only a couple of rares, but I hope to build a decent deck as the seasons start.

We're glad to have you around!!

I need to add to my cards. I have not really bought much. Well I don't have much steem anyhow but I am waiting for the game to start. Hopefully
I will make a killing there.