I have broken out of the 'extreme' Steem Bubble I was in.

in exyle •  3 months ago 

HF21 made it pop. Just like that.


I couldn't be more grateful.

I had no idea how deeply Steem had control over me. How addicted I had become to it.

Every free moment checking my phone for Steem and prices of crypto.

Not being to concentrate on anything for the fear of missing something on Steem.

I have been in this mode for 2 years. I had no idea.

Yesterday I watched a movie with my dad (movie night) and by the end of it, I realized I had not checked my phone once.

I was enjoying myself.

I also realized that I didn't want to make it a Steem moment for Appics.

I'm already stopping thinking about making everything in life a possible post.

For me, because of the EIP, there is no need anymore, and it feels great.

Even my dad made a comment about it. He thought I looked calmer. I guess that says it all.

This is a personal side effect of HF21 that I didn't see coming!

Don't get me wrong though, I still enjoy writing (like this post), but on my terms, not the linear blockchain terms.

I'm of course still reading everything about Steem and I keep very up to date and I'm investing in different projects on Steem, but I just feel like I can do it now with a little bit more distance.

Curating is also more fun then I thought it would be and feels better then I would have thought.

I have a decent amount of Steempower that's working very nicely for me currently.

I split most of my votes up in chunks. About 25% per vote, gives me 40 votes a day. Which is still a 65k SP vote each and spread those out to a lot of different people. Including myself, when I feel like it :)

Steempower is the only constant the blockchain (that thankfully has no feelings) cares about in the end. It's a very powerful asset and I'm glad I have it.

And I'm still buying it too still. Crossed another milestone yesterday. 260k reached, making my way to 300k.

If you told me last year I would be making my way to 300k I wouldn't have believed you.

But the opportunity is here now, so I am taking it.

Nothing beats straight-up buying it at the moment.

One large pump in price and that door will be closed forever, for me, and I will never be able to invest again in the biggest economic ecosystem in the blockchain space.

Curation rewards are really decent right now and can offset blogging a lot.

This morning I woke up to another 30 STEEM from curating. That's a lot.

I still consider every STEEM precious. For me, 30 STEEM counts.

SMT's and communities are next. It will be the next major milestone. I see huge value there (Steem-Engine has already proven that to me), I can't wait.

Before those are here though STEEM can still be earned for those who want it.

After SMT's come out, I fully expect that to become even more difficult than it is today because it's the only thing that makes sense if you are of the mindset that Steem will be successful (I am, as you probably know by now).

Today my good friend @ezzy is flying in from London later today for a long weekend of simple fun.

Just chilling. Steak on the Green Egg, Oldskool gaming and cinema, probably watch the F1 too and you can bet we will talk Steem too :)

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Mark I Know what you mean about being more Relaxed. I was Able to Play and "A" Game Steemmonster Tournament this morning and Pick Up 2500 more DEC .........That Gets Me Over to buy a little More Mystery Potions and see what awaits us for the Next few Days............

Nice! Congrats on 2500 DEC! That's 12,6 STEEM for those that don't know. Pretty Awesome, for playing a game!

It's pretty epic how our mindsets can change with some 'minor' (but apparently big!) adaptations of our Blockchain :-) Glad you can enjoy the Quality Time you spend with your loved ones more - less checking our phones is a good thing ;-) Happy NewSteem!

I don’t have hard data, but it seems/feels like my curation rewards have more than doubled. And I don’t even do autovoting or try to time my votes optimally.

I don't have hard data either but I'm pretty sure it has more than doubled. Under linear, it was around 200 STEEM a week I remember.

I can see half a million beckoning! Thanks to the insidious bear market reducing my Holdings to nada almost I have felt quite relaxed about checking crypto too. It's a bit of a relief not worrying all the time, I do like this new steem much more. I am amazed at the change it had bought out!

Haha, maybe a bridge too far .5 million but who knows, if that what the bear wants I'll give it a shot :)

I'm also truly enjoying new Steem for now.

The Bear demands it!! I think I am going to start saying that all the time :0D

I was looking at my average efficiency stats for curation on steemworld.org and they don't look good, compared to other people I follow. Now that curation is more important, I wonder if there's any good guides about how to increase the efficiency? I can't seem to find any.

Those stats are still wrong and should be taken with a grain of salt. New updates should be rolled out in a couple of weeks to give you a better idea of how you are doing.

Thanks, I'll leave it a while and check again.

I love the self aware pragmatic approach that you maintain with Steem. (and life in general)

You set pretty realistic goals, and always maintain a positive aura @exyle.

I think your addiction to Steem is minimal in comparison to some, but that doesn't really matter much. This is your life, and if you have recognized the use of your time with Steem as detrimental in some ways and shifted gears for the better, then that is all that really matters.

Keep it up man, you're an inspiration to many here on the platform!

Wow, those are some serious power moves @exyle and glad to hear that you can relax a little now that the new hard fork has kicked in. Also, thank you for your #spud support and hopefully you'll join us again for #spud6

I think Spud is a great initiative, I'll be there for Spud6!

Great to know we have your support for #spud6 @exyle I sense that tide is turning for the Steem price... hopefully all of our efforts as a collective unit keep pushing the price of Steem up.
Take care and have a good day!!

I have been asking myself...Where's Exyle's 2 posts a day?

Amazing how this hardfork has helped you take it easy but still get the rewards coming to you.

I think that's the best thing about this new Steem we're seeing...The SteemPower starts doing the work for us :)

lol, I can still make two posts when I feel like it but it's not needed as it was under linear as others are now discovering too. Pretty cool stuff!

Mannnn! You are stackin Major Steem these days without the stress! That’s how you do it 😎

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For as long as the markets allow it! It's been good.

Money For Nothing and Your CHICKS For FREE @stackin .............You Got Rid of Your MTV .......

That sounds really good @exyle. I'm glad things have shifted for you and you're spending less time on your phone.

I found the downtime helpful too. Because I coudn't do my DQ I was able to spend the time creating an investment spreadsheet that I've been wanting to do for months but never had the time to get round to. 😁

Have fun with Ezzy! 😊

Good going, Gillian! It smart to keep track of those investments even if it means missing a DQ! :)

And thanks!

Curation rewards have more than doubled for me since HF21/22. There's a new mindset going on. I see lots of changes within the next few weeks.

It's been pretty awesome, tbh. I see the new mindset too, I hope we can keep the momentum going.

It's always good to get those perspective change moments that let you see things differently. I'm just waiting for an exchanges wallet to get fixed to power up, but for now my steem is stuck. Hoping to do some curation myself.

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Just dont get to relaxed :)
I'm still waiting for your vlogs!

and I )

I can imagine that this feeling defenitly will give you some mental rest! I already did switch into this mode when I became a dolphin. If I do have nothing to write about, I don't write. But most of the days I do think that I am capable of setting up a decent post!
300K steem that would be indeed amazing. Imaging that it goes back to it's alltime high, this would mean that the value would be over 2.8 M.

My goodness! 30 steem from curation? That's massively huge of you ask me, well I must say with much power comes more curation reward and there's something about this curve that brings the calmness really. I'm guessing you're expanding curation. Good one

Time to enjoy the moment and steem on

nice :)

Well done @exyle, we all supporting you on your adventure...I'm not even close to your growth but I'm confident I will get there steemit to the moon 🥇

It's a great investment. Many of us need that upwind as soon as possible.

While we should take advantage of getting as much steem as possible. Everyone with their own possibilities!

What are you doing regarding steem-engine tokens though? You got a huge chunck of STEEM which gives you nice curation rewards, but you don't have that huge of a chunk in all the different tribe tokens, so curation rewards from those aren't that much unless you either buy them or post for them.

I have different accounts.

That is part of the reason I started taking a break from Steem on the weekends a while ago. It was getting to be too much. It felt like a second job and I didn't want it to be like that. I want it to be something fun that I enjoy while potentially making a passive income on it. That is great that you have gained some freedom now and a new outlook!

Great adjustments indeed! I have yet to really look at the impact of my Steem Power as I still enjoy the engagement but I do believe the pressure to do has been lower as of late.

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reading your writing is like eating crispy chips. always want to chew and swallow again endlessly. It's hard to stop before you finish all your writing.
In addition to the story style that is very interesting is the content of the quiz that sparked spirit and add to our passion to always see steem as hope in the future mas. After HF21 / 22 we all know that there are many significant changes and we can feel that there is double curation. what more encouraging thing when reading you in the morning has got 30 Steems from curation. It dream every Steemian, and you hold it.
I hope in the future Steem will get even better
Thank you @exyle
Warm regard from Indonesia

I'm motivated once again to buy few more steem! I hope it'll help me back within couple of years or maybe bit later!
I wish a good weekend ahead for all of us, @exyle!

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I have the exact same filling. The HF21 with EIP with 50/50 made a ton of different in my behavior.

Curating is getting fun day by day...but main challenge is to find a good content to curate which sometimes makes life exhausting

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After reading the comments, I realized that everyone is positive and this is a big credit of trust.
Pieces of truth began to fall on the ground STEEM)
I think we are moving in the right direction.

I can feel you my friend. I did the same a month ago. My SP goal was 100k. If steem reach it's potential it'll be more than enough. I don't even vote. Still delegating out and collecting them Coinz.

Glad you're out of your funk and seeing a good return from HF21! (friend of mine made this for you)

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Nice post.
I agree on this:
Nothing beats straight-up buying it at the moment!

I'm happy the HF21 made you find your way to my posts and their curation @exyle 😊
and I can tell you you won't regret it yabgc74uih.png

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What a great unexpected change!! I can totally relate to the feeling of “needing to turn everything into content.” It really can take away from just enjoying the moment. Glad you were able to have such a fun, relaxing night hanging out with your dad!

  ·  3 months ago Reveal Comment

good comment, I like seeing your comment because it is full of comment.

thank you for replying to my comment