I do enjoy a good deal.

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I do enjoy a good deal.

This stuff is called Guaraná.

It is the second best-selling soft drink in Brazil.

It started selling in our local supermarkets but it's pretty expensive (about €1,10 / 4,85 BRL per can).

Bianca loves the stuff though. I guess it reminds her of home, so we buy some cans from time to time.

Yesterday we were at a mall when we came across this!

I doubt it needs a translation. What a steal!


Deals, like opportunities, never last long.

So I did the only thing that made sense.

I bought them all :)


It saved me about 30 euro vs buying from the store on 38 cans.

And I know what you are thinking...

How will he tie STEEM into this post this time...

Well, this morning I bought some more STEEM too.

16,4 cents each.

And unlike these cans, that will be consumed and then discarded forcing me to buy more.

The STEEM I bought will just keep on giving for a long as I have it.

It doesn't mean though that I might not find a better deal tomorrow :)

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I love the fact that Your Girl Friend Loves you even More Now Mark. What You did Is True Devotion. I like how the Cans say Antarctica on Them..........@exyle

It is always a great feeling when you get a good deal. I remember there was a time my favorite body wash was on sale and with coupons we got it for around $.50 a piece. I had enough body wash to last me 10 years. I think I am just finally on my last bottle now.

Lol! That sounds like it was a great deal!

Bought Steem a week ago...now I dont have money for any cans anymore :-)

You will enjoy that Steem for longer!

Great deal! You got another follower :)

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Welcome! And thanks!

Yeah man!!! There's a Brazilian Steakhouse in the city I live in that stocks up on that stuff....It's fantastic! And I rarely drink soda but if I find that....I will drink gallons of it LOL

Yeah, it's a nice soda indeed! I have a few sips from Bianca from time to time. Might even have a can now that we are overflowing with the stuff :)

Wow awesome , so lucky you are, thanks for sharing😊

What a bargain! Checking whatever dust I have on my wallets to buy some ;)

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Hahaha, you are a horder like me! Not only do I make sure that I always have food supplies (99% of them acquired on sale), I also horde silver and gold. Now there is a difference between steem and precious metals... I hold physical silver and gold, I have it and I have possession of it. I hold it, therefore I own it.

I see the value of precious metals. I also see the value of crypto. I'm not for or against one or the other. They both have merit.

But for now, I can't blog for silver just yet. Nor can I buy Steem Monster cards with it or give you a small upvote like just now.

Also, I don't know how I would send Silver to anyone in the world within 3 seconds.

Great points, my friend @exyle! No one need to choose! I love it that I am able to earn steem in this platform and share it with others by upvoting ( my vp is always low because I am notorious for upvoting as much as I could) and/or transferring steem to others! But, I am the same way with silver. I appreciate you and all that you do! Have a beautiful weekend to come, take care.

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How much caffeine is in that?

I assume it's made from the guarana fruit which has twice the caffeine as coffee. (I think Red Bull uses guarana).

Guarana Seeds

I think a lot! I should check the can to be sure.

Lovely! I didnt had soft drinks for a while, unless I am a guest somewhere. I try to avoid sugar and they have a lot of it in. But sometimes nice to have it in the hot summer days.

I haven't seen this stuff in years 16+ to be precise used to have a Brazilian friend at school who was selling it. Nice to see you activated bull mode and bought them all.

Gotta get them while they are cheap!

Deals, deals deals! Couple of good deals there. Nice stacking up the deals. Nice to see you still bullish in this bear Market. It's all going to turn around someday. Steam on friend!

It sure will! Thank Jill!

Now you can send some drinks out who buy more steem up 😆😆😆👌👊👊👊🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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That is awesome!

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here's another.


Well your instinct to find good deals is incredible, I thought it only worked on crypto... :DD

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Steemify rules ! @exyle, you’re gonna he tweekin it with those cans. They turn me into a mouse named Gonzalez.

I'll start out by saying you seem like a really good dude and a huge boon to this platform.

That being said I hope the slowwalker circle jerk ends sooner than later. It's pretty gross to people actually paying attention. I'd be a hypocrite if I did not point it out. If I'm mischaracterizing the situation please let me know, but it seems like there are a lot of hard working folks here more deserving of your vote than someone who posts different permutations of the same stuff.

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