Fishing with Bianca’s family

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Bianca’s dad took us out fishing.

In the Netherlands its possible to fish pretty much anywhere with all the water we got (with a license) but here it’s different.

You go to a dedicated fishing pond where you rent rods to fish.

It was about a 30 minute drive.

There was also a bar there where you can get things to eat and drink (I’m beginning to think this is sort of mandatory in Brasil in any fun place).

The fishing experience here sure is different but nice!

It took me about 90 minutes to catch my first Brazilian fish after a few hits and misses.

It was cool.

I used to fish a lot when I was younger but not anymore.

But I got to admit it’s calming.

The fish I caught (2) were way to small to eat so we released them soon after catching them.

All in all, Just another fun day here!

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It is a long time ago since you were fishing. You did it with your grandfather and later also with your brother, but while he still likes to fish, I never thought you would try it again. But today you did! Your brother will like this post:)


Haha, after this I reckon we might find ourself next to a levy with a rod and hopefully a couple of cold ones soon. Just need to get a permit.


ps. I hope you will write more soon.

Wait! Are you from the Netherlands?


I am. Where did you think I was from?


I thought you were American.

Haha yes it is mandatory to have a snackbar everywhere so you can get stuff to eat/drink, from the picture it actually looks like a big fish @exyle but you say its too small, I guess with your pro fishing you better stick with the giant pizzas then hehe , also thanks for the visit I am trying to gather funds to attend Steemfest3 its not coming easy so it was much appreciated cheers.

I was fishing in US two times only. Every single time I caught a turtle. I’m good at fishing with my own hands, but I completely suck in rod fishing 😆. Well... you obviously are better at fishing with rod than I’m.


Haha, I guess I'm just lucky! Then again I never caught a turtle!

Better luck next time,hopefully you get a bigger catch. But at-least it was calming and relaxing. From the pictures it looks like it was a great day outside. Keep having fun on your Brazilian holiday :)

Is that fish in the picture one of your catches @exyle? it looks pretty big to me or is that just a trick of the camera? 😂


Haha! Yes, I caught it and it was not big at all (fit in the palm of my hand).

Fishing relaxes it's nice to see nature.

I imagine the whole family will want to show you the most touristy and beautiful places they know, @exyle. You can tell that your father-in-law is nice and attentive when he takes you fishing with him! I hope there are bigger fish that are good for dinner. Ah, thank you very much for your support;) From Venezuela, a big hug for you and Bianca.

So cool! I love fishing. :) It is fun just to relax and throw the line in and if you catch something great, if not, no worries. Although it is always very fun to catch fish. Fishing will always have a place in my heart haha, it is something my dad and I did a lot growing up. Many fond memories going fishing with him. We caught quite a bit of fish together. haha

Wow what a fun day today was! Your Brazilian fish is looking so cute pretty and colourful. Now I'm very jealous to see you how wonderful days you are spending with Bianca ,her family and friends ! Really you are so lucky.

Caught a pretty cool fish!


I thought so too!

I love to fish but have too much time is so relaxing. yay! finally got a photo of the family relaxing! You will have to go fishing again when you get back. It is a nice way to pass the time. Nice fish on the hook. Is this place catch and release only?


No if the fish is big enough you can take it home.

Wow thats a beautiful fish. Fishing teaches you patience 🎣😁


I rediscovered I like it. Just concentrating on the float and nothing else.

your post is interesting buddy i'm starting follow you and keep it up :)

waw amazing activities, i like it

Dear friend, you say that the fish you caught was very small, but I do not know if it is the effect of the photo that the fish looks beautiful and big, and I tell you that this is how it is here in Venezuela, you can fish for free Wherever you want, you can even get on a boat and go to the high seas and spend the whole night fishing, which is when you have better results, I'm glad that the Pope of Bianca has taken to fishing and remember old memories.

Mark @exyle Fishing is in your blood......

That fish looks alot bigger then you say it is. Great you're still having a great vacation! 🍻🐡

Sounds like a nice holiday!

hahaha so you caught baby fishes lol you know it looks so easy but too hard to do it

That's an awesome day to remember forever nice shots along :D

Wow thats a beautiful fish. Fishing teaches you patience 🎣😁

It always good when you go out fishing with family, so that you you'll laugh & enjoy together.

I love fishing, it is a great way to relax and just enjoy nature. Awesome that you were able to catch something. Looks like someone didn't want their picture taken in the first shot! :)

Awwww lifes simplicities :]