Breakfast before the Parade!

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Today is a national holiday in Brazil.

It’s independence day!

From wikipedia: On September 7, 1822, Prince Dom Pedro declared Brazil's independence from Portugal, founding the Empire of Brazil.

Bianca and I are on our way to watch the parade in her city!

But not before grabbing a fast breakfast on the way in one if the many panificadoras (bakery’s) here.

I like breakfast here its simple yet nice.

I usually have bread (from the flat iron) with cheese or butter and a fresh juice with coffee.

For the last week we have been hearing and seeing many people practice for the parade in the streets.

It’s going to be cool!

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For the last week we have been hearing and seeing many people practice for the parade in the streets.

That will be awesome.
Do you wish you could stay 10 weeks longer, or do you miss The Netherlands?


I miss both, if that makes sense.

wow!! that's great man.
Brazili independence day is close my own country independence day because in few week we will be celebrating it here too.

enjoy yourself watching the parade and have a pleasant day ahead.

There is not a very rich breakfast to start the day, and more if you go to a parade of independence, because these parades take a long time and the best thing is that you go well eaten, dear friend, you are experiencing a new experience of the culture of some countries , that's good because the curriculum of your life is spreading hahaha, greetings dear friend.

Simple but tasty food i'm from colombia and i know brazil has a lot of things to offer i mean the beauty of each place the food and people, do you think explore any other southamerican country?. Regards

Great day for Brazil! First thing that pops in my head when I hear parade is Rio in Brazil.
Enjoy it!

The rolls look tasty and the purple juice interesting @exyle. Hope the parade is fun!

The usual breakfast when we go to a coffee!! Simple but still a little bit unhealthy :D

I like how that breakfast looks, @exyle!! Melted cheese and crispy bread. Delicious! I imagine the colorful, the music, the march of military and students. It will be quite a spectacle! I hope you can take some pictures and show them here. Have a nice day.


You knew what to expect! haha my mind went to Rio but it was indeed students and military!

Parades are always a good time. Even when I was in band and had to march for miles in them, it was a lot of fun. I get to be in one in a couple of weeks for homecoming at the school I work for. We load kids in the back of our trucks and drive very slowly as they throw candy to the on-lookers!


I was never in a band, but it looked like a lot of fun.

Dom Pedro sounds either as a saint or as a cartel drug lord :D


I giggled :)


Mission accomplished :D

It looks tasty, enjoy your breakfast and have and nice independence day. Celebrate you are free, many of our ancestors did not have the chance to enjoy a dish like this. Greetings from a not free country, my wounded and captive Venezuela.

Wow! Enjoy it man!


Thanks, man!

That is a simple breakfast @exyle 👌

In the Philippines, they also eat bread in the morning, and a good amount of people drink coffee with their bread.

Bakeries are common here too, and it is definitely more common to visit a bakeshop in the Philippines than it is in the United States.

P.S. Thank you for another high quality post 👍

Photos, please! I love parades and Independence days in Central and South America are huge occasions. Lots of festivities...


Photo's are up!


Yay! I will go now!

Enjoy your day and please send pics of the parade if possible


Just have done!


Thank you

You love to travel a lot this is like your favorite hobby apart from cooking with your grill in your house ..

I hope you have a very nice day.

Mark @exyle and Bianca @bkdbkd enjoy the Parade and Celebrate Brazilian Independence..............

That bakery looks great just like your breakfast! I hope you have a great fun in the parade and take many pictures to show us that this has been :D

Wow! breakfast looks healthy and yummy. Although it is simple but i am sure is tasty.

PS: Long Live Brazil :)

Great breakfast to start off with looks nice :)

Buen post , soy del país vecino de Brasil , Paraguay y también podemos sentir el feriado ,por la gran cantidad de turistas brasileros, Gracias por Compartir.

Wishes for independence from portugal to my sweet princes @bkdbkd and you.Enjoy your freedom dear friends.

I wish I was there with you guys so that I could see how they perform the parade over there...

What is the very traditional Brazilian breakfast? Did u try anything special? I also love bread and butter, but love to try new things always.

Enjoy breakfast and have a great time.

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Have an awesome parade!

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Hello, I loved the photos, I would like to see what else there is in Brazil, are the people friendly?

enjoy the show ;-) breakfast is one of the important meals of the day.
take care