150K SP reached. Why I invest and my favourite STEEM chart.

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To start this blog of: STEEM is an investment for me. In time (a lot!) and my own money.

Anyone that says this place is pay to win is wrong.

Pay to win means you pay (spend dollars that are gone forever) to buy items that make you win (like a powerful sword in a video game).

On Steem you invest money to buy a commodity or resource that could go up or down in value and it's something you can use for as long as you have it.

You can always sell it back to Fiat. It is a huge difference with pay to win.

STEEM is a resource that comes with 2 properties. Voting Mana and RC's that both regenerate over time. Everyday you can spend them until they are depleted but unlike most resources the next day they are full again.

The cool thing about STEEM is: If you have enough of this resource you will be able to lend or rent it to others that need it in the future.

This last line is why I invest. It's the end goal.

A few big investors with a lot of STEEM are currently delegating it to voting bots. It gives the best ROI for anyone that passively wants to invest in the platform.

In the future I believe SP will be rented to the 100.000 entrepreneurs that will come to this blockchain. This will add more value to the platform than voting bots and I expect also a nice ROI.

Voting bots were just the first to utilise this model.

It just makes sense to me this will happen although it will probably be a couple more years before it will take shape.

150K reached.

The last time I added 20K to my portfolio it took me 7 months. I wrote about it here.

In that post I set a new goal.

I wanted to reach 150k Steempower (from 120k) and I calculated that it would cost me around 300 days of blogging with buying to reach it.

Yet with the price going down and some luck I managed to add 30k in 90 days.

My best move: Moving other crypto into Steem Dollar (SBD).

I know SBD is not everyones favourite but man did it work wonders in the downtrend.

Here I moved some ETH into SBD in the beginning of August.

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 08.37.04.png

If you would do the same today you would get:

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 08.40.41.png

I used those SBD to buy STEEM over the last 3 months which of course also went down in price. Win-win there.

What's also cool is that STEEM (when turned into SP) generated more STEEM over that same time period.

Something ETH could never do.

Personally, I never thought the markets would go down as far as they did so there was also some luck involved in all of this. (ETH could have gone up and it would have been a terrible move).

I'm happy I reached this goal just after HF20. It's a real milestone for me.

I'm enjoying the moment and have no current goals although knowing myself this will probably change :)

When it come to the markets I think they are still bearish although there are some signs of bottoming but until I see it turn for real I'm conservative.

The general rule everyone seems to agree on. As long as BTC stays above $6000 things will be fine.

For STEEM this is my favourite chart. The weekly chart.

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 09.09.10.png

Could be a bottom. Could also not be.

Therefor I'm keeping some more powder dry incase it goes lower.

If we go up I'll be happy enough!

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Lol...I just got another 6k myself.....I think we both are smart as F or dumb as F......both we are both gamblers and speculators on the future. Good work man.


I think we both are smart as F or dumb as F.

Haha! That made chuckle. I agree though. Time will tell. Top comment!


I came really close to going to Steemfest but I just can’t swing it this year. I really wanna meet you and I know your gonna be there.....and I have always wanted to travel to Eastern Europe. Enjoy it man, I envy everyone who is gonna go. Next year I can make better plans. Do you go to Anarchapulco?


That's a shame man. Would have been been cool to meet. As of now I have no plans to go to Anarchapulco. I saw the videos you made last year, it looked great. Wouldn't mind going but only a sweet end of year crypto rally could influence that decision.


I plan to add some more to my little stack of SP today.
Perhaps the three of us will share the same wing of the nut-house someday?

Congrats! I am also thinking to inves again Steemit but I dont whivh price is better. If prices goes again to 0.7 USD. I invest again to 50K Steem power.

Looking forward to compounding steem power through future passive income strategies. At this time bid bots are the only game in town. Keep growing and Steem on!


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My goal is 1k, hope to hit it before the year ends.
Thumbs up to you.


That's a nice milestone to aim for!

Hey @exyle what do you think is more profitable using your Steem on supporting voting bots or using your Steem normally as most users do, as in say voting on comments, other posts, selfvoting etc.


Right now for me it's better to actively use it. But if I was a passive investor I would delegate it to a bot until better opportunities come forth.

it's not difficult for those who have a lot of money.
for us little steemian. it's very difficult

Congrats exyle.. I am more excited about your 150k sp milestone. 30k power up within 90days is a screamer! Lol. At inception when steem was introduced to me, it was "blog & earn" for those without investment motive but after hf20 I term it "stake and earn" lol. Steem inc could use this motto.. Lol. This morning I heard from a witness bullionstackers that hf20.5 will be up soon; to help small fish with 3 to 15sp.
Happy Sunday ✌️


Thanks! And have a great Sunday yourself!

150 K... ok..ok...

I here try get 10 K... I hope soon I am there :))

Congratulations Exyle and very nice and informative post.
Makes everything think where to invest and to be patient. I am positive that the value of steem and sbd will go up soon if not in near future.
Thanks for sharing your insight


Thank you.

Hi @exyle congratulations for 150k steem.

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Woah, you are awesome buddy. We are the first believer of this great blockchain. I agree in your vision that many entreneurs will jump on this once they realised how important the Steem coin is. Great read



I do remember your game plan and it works for you.
Since then #steem changes a lot.
One thing stay the same you earn by posting and providing good posts for all of us to read.
Keep on postin'


It worked pretty well indeed! And I will keep posting.

Woww congratulations @exyle

This steem thing is so hard to understand for a noob like me 😐 But I am still enjoying it. It was a great read for me. Gathered some idea about how these things work. Thank you. Keep posting amazing stuffs. 👌

Potty!! Congrats! I made my target too, is a good feeling but then it leaves you thinking. Hmm, what target next!!


Thanks man! And congrats on your own target. I'm sure I'll come up with another goal soon. Although I do realise once the price goes up it's basically game over.

Congratulations man!

For a non-miner, non-bot owner, to build that stake with blogging and investing is pretty incredible. Best of luck to you and all of us going forward.


Thanks man!

Nice moves! You gonna use some of that Steem to come to Steemfest? :-)



Already paid for!


Schweet!! Cya there buddy! :-D


Congrats on 150k man. And great strategy when it comes to the SBD.

I appreciate the plan you laid out and stuck with. Crazy how you said to yourself you would hit it in a certain amount of days but then reached it in only 90.

the power of goal planning and working hard!

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Well first of all many congratulations you have achieved your goal which you set for yourself which is great you have worked hard towards this and the steem chart is simply looking awesome right now hopefully the trend will be up :D

Mark @exyle Congratulations on the 150K SP. I will be there one day too and I know its just a matter of staying consistent and producing good Content. no complaints here just more POSITIVE outlook Going Forward................

Congratulations for reaching your goals so quickly! Some very nice moves with SBD on the downtrend. What's interesting is that you told people in your vlogs about them and anyone could have done the same. True, the market could have made a turn, but I remember at the time you said you used SBD to hedge so you would have been alright with that I guess.


Yes I used it as a hedge. I still keep a little bit around for this reason but I'm hoping this is close to the bottom for STEEM.

Congratulations on 150K!

The math of 100,000 entrepreneurs is compelling. We’re at just under 300,000,000 Steem now. Call it 350,000,000 or 400,000,000 Steem by the time we get to 100,000 entrepreneurs. So even if those entrepreneurs had all of the Steem, they’d each average only 4K.

They’re going to need to rent/lease Steem.


Thank you and the potential sure is there. Especially with SMT's!

Congrats on 150k!! You reached it far ahead of time! I’ve been following your journey on that for the past few months now and I’m glad to hear that you achieved it! I hope you crack a beer or grill something up and celebrate!

I remember when you were talking about that play on SBDs, that’s awesome that it worked out so well! Almost doubling in value comparative to ETH. Great work! I wish I would’ve listened to you and converted to some SBD 😂 ... hindsight is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?


hindsight is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?

I can give many examples were I felt this and it still happens to me today. But sometimes things do work out!


Haha yeah, it tends to happen very often to me, especially being in the crypto space. I agree, for as many times as things seem to go against what you believe, they also go right. Your SBD play being a great example! Enjoy the win!

Congrats on the Milestone! Great move with the SBD! It is great that we have started to earn SBD again as it truly provides flexibility on the blockchain which is weird why many do bot promote it as much! I also think and have Steem as an investment but it is the only investment that I enjoy participating in as the community has provided a new journey for me to experience. Other business ventures are very competitive and stressful in mature whereas here it feels like building an ecosystem! I look forward tk the future!


Steem as an investment but it is the only investment that I enjoy participating in as the community has provided a new journey for me to experience.

Same here. I never use any other investments like I use Steem.

You are Neo... Behold!


Congrats, my awesome friend. I've witnessed firsthand your meteoric rise on this platform. And it's beyond words how stunning it was to watch. You deserve every damn cent you have! :)

Congrats on reaching your goal! 🎉

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We're celebrating on the same day. I just reached 100 SP. :)

Congratulations on your achievement!

Congrats. I'm starting to study markets aswell. I discovered that I'm now a cryptolover/enthusiast :D

Congrats man!! lol I just barely got over 1k. lol :)

Wow Sp 150k is enough for anyone I must congratulate you for that achievement! Someday I hope to have the same amount or much more to do as you say invest and see the results over time since everything is obtained with some sacrifice!

Congrats on hitting that milestone. I agree with you, I was going nuts during the hardfork drama reading people saying that Steemit is pay to play so they should be doing a better job with the updates. All I could think was no, Steemit is an investment. You don't need to put any real money into it if you don't want to. If you choose to invest in it, that is your business though. Good luck reaching for 200k!

sorry , didn't follow your point about the chart , do you mind elaboratin ?

congrats on meeting your goal ..next 500k ?


I like it because even though STEEM is underperforming compared to other crypto we over time keep forming a higher bottom from the absolute low of March 2017.


got it..