Exploring #Steemit with HTML Codes

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When boredom strikes, I do have this feeling that I want to do something productive. I don't know why but I know to myself that I want to learn more about the #Steemit community, how does it really works and how to build my Steemit account.

Daily entry includes typing but I do have this attitude that what I had typed must be in a format, well-formatted so I tried typing some basic HTML codes that could me format my entries. Luckily some works well but there are some that never works.


h1, h2, h3, h4 and h5 tag - The h1 tag should contain your targeted keywords, ones that closely relate to the page title and are relevant to your content. The h2 tag is a subheading and should contain similar keywords to your h1 tag. Your h3 is then a subheading for your h2 and so on.

p tag - Defines the paragraph.

br tag - Inserts a single line break.

pre tag - Defines pre-formatted text.

b tag - Defines bold text.

i tag - Defines italic text.

sub tag - Defines subscript text .

sup tag - Defines superscript text .

em tag - Defines emphasize text .

center tag - Center-align text.

For now, that's I had discovered. If you do have some other HTML codes that can help in my entries, please do comment below. Thank you.



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very cool you done your best.

Informative but i hope you provided an instruction into it it would be much helpful, but thanks for sharing

yes.. thanks for the advice...

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