Testing Silver Purity and Creating Collodial Silver

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Big shout out to @iceagefarmer for this experiment his promo of Golden State Silver where I bought my 99.99% silver rods from to create the solution. GoldenStateSilver.com: 10% off with code IAF2018 Check them out https://goldenstatesilver.com/

Silver rods
Electrical test clips
3 9V batteries
Distilled water
Salt solution, just a few drops (it can be regular table salt)
Safety glasses

I used this test kit for the silver purity test PM test kit

Colloidal silver is a great home remedy when you feel an illness coming on. No viruses or bacteria can live on silver so it is an alternative to antibiotics. If you use it, I suggest to do it sparingly, or you could turn blue if you uptake a lot. Don't be this guy: Papa Smurf

Have fun experimenting!

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Peace and Joy,

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