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RE: Can You See This Post?

i can feel your pain but

stuff like 14.1.1

Use of our Services in any manner that could interfere with, disrupt, negatively affect, or inhibit other users from fully enjoying our Service

and also 12. and 13. were always there afaik ...

a.k.a. Ned reserves the right to cut you off for no reasons given was always an option and despite 14.1.1 i have found wankers like steemcleaners, mostly their groupies, power-abusers like mackbot and censored like patrice or mahdiyari to do just that

14.1.7. is a nice one lol "you can not promote eachother without written permission ....


i say that pretty much kills circlejerking lol but it kills about everything then and it can probably be enforced or interpreted in about a dozen ways

  1. is even more cute : the chain is immutable (actually NOT, which has been proven in the past 2 months) so simply not showing up in the service does not constitute the right to be forgotten ... google had a billions-trial with the E.U. for that ... steemit didnt have billions but now they do

the E.U. loves billions

im not falling for that "spirit of steem" shit because that was just crank circlejerking with a company that didnt innovate after the first launch and didnt care about the price and basically no one did anything but make sure the top 20 witnesses got paid

the whole charade is 50% hippocrite but i agree that people get the right to speak

however , i also agree that any company gets to decide who gets to use its services and who gets employed ...

this could have happened very differently but afaik it started with a takeover by the elder witnesses to block certain accounts with a ninja-patch

and the guy with actual global power and achievements did what the rest always preached

keep smiling,
stay positive
get even ... i see the hive price is far from the initial 'we are double steem' hype too

but i see the steemprice at a point where its pointless to anyone but millionnaires as well

its an ugly situation but some people arent real about how the world works

guerilla radio costs money too, does HIVE have that ?

i see they have steemcleaners so my enthusiasm was a bit dimmed but

14.1.7 ... here ...
i mainly use steemit to expose a game im working on (as a hobby project)
if that constitutes 'promoting third party' then i guess im gonna be screwed sooner or later ... it says nothing about losing the wallet so the money should be safe (i sincerely hope so b/c THAT is what blockchain is about ... BTC is not about good content and no one can downvote how many you get in any way either)

im on HIVE too , for exactly the same reason , as i'll be on facebook and twitter too

im not here to write novels for 5 dollar .... im here to expose the existence of my game , thats euhm

a big part of the use of social networks online i thought

i just re-booted the autovoters, thats why i saw your post, if HIVE provides the same service and has something like steempy CLI i can do the same there, otherwise its just not enough money for the time spent

but, @lukestokes ... im sure you mean well but i doubt you gonna achieve much but an ulcer doing this , i liked your reports much always, gave transparency and showed out some hippicrites who were all about 'eco-system' but withdrawing 100s a week (which is their right ofc, thats why the press is there, to oust them for what they are)

why waste time and energy here, youve been around for as least as long as i have on STEEM (maybe not on Crypton) you should know 90% goes where the money goes, they will come to hive to drip-farm just alike , and they will tell you whatever if you got a good vote to vote on their comments

you should know that, right ?

there's no Satoshi left ... it got taken over years ago, the original wizards have gone beyond the rim and if Satoshi were dead hed be turning in his grave to see ethereum-vitalsky and eos-dan (give us your billions! but we have nothing yet) ... the marketeers took over

steemit aint different, not before and not after Justin Sun

i hope he can push the price up, not DOWN to TRON-levels

and then HIVE can be a bastion of free speech

like 4chan or 8kun ? lol (kidding)

how you gonna fundit ? i know most of you came in here plush with no money to worry about and half of those come to play enlightened despot .. i dont think you or dmitry are like that ... i cant say that for ultimatt or markymark ... i dont wanna go namecalling

b/c that gets me nothing

maybe i made a point ...

the point being, Luke

  1. i am not your father
  2. its not worth the ulcer , you got cash, probably family, business, and a place to work your projects, and you're not gonna win from the billionnaire, honestly ... the resistance might be better fought in a place where you dont explicitly come to be censored to prove a point

thats my opinion ofcourse


Did you write this drunk or high?

And this matters why?