Riding back from the garage

in #exhaustlast month

I just finished a 9.069km cycling that lasted about 0hh:35mm:13ss !


I had to drop my car off in Letchworth to having a fault looked at and decided I may as well ride back. It is not too cold today, but it is misty. I had to take a wheel off the bike to get it in the car and it seemed a bit stiff when I put it back on, but it may have just been catching on the brake. It was okay to ride. I just had to ride up through the industrial area to pick up the Greenway and then it was mostly off the roads as I would do when riding home from work. This is my longest ride this year and it was feeling hard. I am sure cycling uses different muscles to running.

There were a few other people about on the Greenway. Lots of dog walkers, but I saw one runner and a couple of cyclists. It is a well used amenity.

I have done some form of exercise every day since Saturday and already passed 100km of running for 2020. I may rest a little tomorrow as I would like to do a parkrun. Letchworth are celebrating two years by doing the course in the opposite direction. That could be interesting, but it will still be muddy.

I see @Exhaust is now picking up my activities automatically. That means it will not get any description I enter in Strava, so I may just do them in the dapp. In this case I just copied the text.

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I had a bike that which I rode around in Vietnam. Good work.

I got it from a friend. It's good enough for the rides I do.

Great job! I think you are right about it using different muscles. There was a time when I was a bit more active with walking and stuff like that. I thought riding a bike would be easy, but when I tried it I was so sore the next day. It was painful!