Loses fat, gains muscle

in exercise •  5 months ago

When we follow a high calorie diet, we gain muscle mass for a while, but also fat, and it is time for a definition phase, in which we have to eliminate excess body fat while maintaining the muscles in the best possible way.

To achieve this goal we have to take into account factors such as: create a calorie deficit and increase energy expenditure among others.

Creating a calorie deficit is essential to reduce fat, we need to eat fewer calories than we spend for our body to use that excess fat as a source of energy, but be very careful because if we cut too much we can feel tired and lose muscle mass. The change must be made gradually, you can't cut half the calories all of a sudden. In the market you will find a huge offer that supplements that promise you fast and incredible weight loss, without diet and seriousness there is no miracle, but from that point you can value the stimulants such as caffeine, taurine or similar. They can raise your body temperature and keep you more active, thus spending more calories every day. Image was take from pixabay.com

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