Did you get out for some exercise today?

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I just went for a nice, long run. Feeling refreshed.

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Jesus, the day Bernie starts posting he joined crossfit is the day I light this place on fire.

That'll never happen.

And, this place is gonna burn itself down...

I believe both are resoundingly true.

No sniping for curation on your post?

Man I have out get out and finish that fence.
I got ate up with those evil chiggers last weekend and am dreading going out to finish the job.

Oh well it will have to be done. Have to wear that hot tick gear to finish it.

What do you mean with sniping curation?

There are some pretty smart guys on steemit that upvote the least amount possible right at the 29 minute mark. It gives them a nice curation reward and makes your rewards less. We call them reward snipers!

But I think that only works if a post doesn't have to many upvotes already. Cause if a post already has many upvotes those cause that the curation goes to previous upvoters and the author.

Yes, my power steering pump went on one of my cars so it is so hard to turn my forearms are going to be THICC. My sex life will be thankful.

Everyday i go out for the exercise . Today i also did it

Yes @berniesanders i did get out for some exercise today. Everyday i did it.

What did you do today?

I did a long walk.

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No exercise, only boring cooking.

giphy (4).gif

Unfortunately not... but I did some excercises at home... some push-ups!

Oh yeah, the old "falling down by accident and making it look like fingertip one foot pushups" trick. Yep. :)

Hahaha, yeah... but look closer... I'm a mannequin, I can stay in that position for years ;-)
Have a great day :-)
Steemitri The Mannequin

Yep, just walked across an entire college campus.

@berniesanders, funny thing the top vote is from @ngc. I was sitting in an orientation at NGC North Georgia College.

Yep. Went for a 5km walk in the park and a ton of Pokémon GO

I went on two runs today. Don't think I've done that since high school.

I went to high school in the 20th century.

I did 45 minutes run. ... And I feel ok.

What distance?

Sorry ... I not read how lot distance .... I just take time .

Day time i went sea for diving. It's magical exercise to me.

Day time i went sea
For diving. It's magical
Exercise to me.

                 - dragonking

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Been down for the past one week. Hope to resume soonest. I jog BTW.

Yeah. Just for a while, though, because I had to go out and fix the car!

Yeah. Just for a while,
Though, because I had to go
Out and fix the car!

                 - baselogoo

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Since I fell sick some months back, I've not been able to resume back my daily exercise. I'm planning to resume soon


I wish you a healthy recovery!

I actually just got back from the gym, i did a lot more than i thought i would mostly chest and arms.

I went out for a walk and also shopping. Nice sunny day 😊

Actually no, went to the Casino with my friend last night, was supposed to be a short night, went to the underpass before the bridge to the casino to smoke some gooooooooooood weed. Had a rum and coke for the dry mouth as soon as we got there, but then we won lol so ended up staying and playing and buying drinks until 4 am, then when we realized the bar was closed we were like wtf we need to go get food lol, wanted A&W but we missed the exit, so went to mcdonalds but they only had breakfast, said fuck it and ate some sausage egg mcmuffins with 2 hashbrowns while playing Casino on Netflix hahaha was a good night, on the way home we were like wtf when we saw the sun was coming up, came home, made some comments on steemit and voted them up cause my voting power was at 100% and I need to keep that shit buffering lol, passed out for 6 hours till noon, picked up my sister, smoked some more weed, picked up beer, now will probably run in the pool in a circle for 10 laps then turn around and FIGHT the pressure of the cyclone I created by running 10 laps in one direction. epic work out - epic weekend

Sure..working 10 hours...:/

You should use @actifit if you exercise regularly.. js

Do not overexercise! Resting is the key.

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No @berniesanders I did not it. taday I have some problem so that I did not go out for some exercise.

I had to work in my Restaurant Gig. If only crypto would do better maybe I could finally give that job a rest. There is plenty of exercise though.

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I give 500 dumbless.My arm is pain today.Why it do.

Hey welcome again...
Running is good for health it keeps the body fit ..
You can join the Jim for more refreshment...

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very fast run

I was lazy to go out today, but spent sometime cleaning the flat. I think it is also a type of exercise :P

I don't exercise on Saturday! I just walk along the beach!

If you walk 10+ km you can call that also exercise.

Nah man. Havn't moved from my chair yet. Although I would be going out for a stroll with friends in a couple of hours...... if a stroll counts as some excercise :-)

Just a nice neighborhood walk. Spent the last two days walking the golf course in the heat in St. Louis.

Too busy watching crypto tank ;-) OK, I'll be at least walking my daughter to a birthday party this afternoon. Does that count?

No. I'm very lazy on Saturdays and I prefer to stay home.

Yeah, i went to kitchen and made some hot chocolate. Although satisfying, it was followed by guilt, unlike running.

I'll definitely get a work out in today.

Went for a run, pushing a stroller (with my son in it). ...then again I ran to Starbucks for a coffee. Probably evened out the benefits.

How long?
Both in distance and time?

I follow yogi baba Ramdev's pranayama like: Bhastrika, kapalbhati, anulom viloma...

I mowed the lawn, so I got a lot of exercise. About an hour of pushing the mower around.

Not today but yesterday was some quite long run for me ;)

Run is good for helth.

Today I woke up with my girlfriend making love, the best exercise.

Today I woke up
With my girlfriend making love,
The best exercise.

                 - betzaelcorvo

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

No i didn't when ever i think i will go tomorrow but didnt get up exercise is good for health we stay healthy by doing this daily how much you run daily

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Not exercise!! I only sleep like a bear on Saturdays.

I also went to a refresh air.

I love to exercise, running is my passion greetings friend @berniesanders ..


Nah, i am a just too lazy to put some shoes on...

The exercise i did was going to the club to dance yesterday and unfortunately my phone was stolen hahahaha.I became very sober seconds after it was stolen!

I walys jog daily and use @actifit app...as can be seen on my blog...will take time to get another phone though!

Do get a long sleep too.

I were sleep today.

today I danced salsa.

I was planning to go for run but after seeing your post I’m definitely going to do some exercise:)

Unfortunately not. Feeling like im getting fat. New plan, less crypto more exercise.

I played some video games and watched some sports. Not exactly exercise but about as close as I ever get.

not at all, today I spent time opening steemit.

No, Bernie.

I've been trying to get more, but I have to be inside today. It's raining. Thinking just some pushups and crunches in my room just to do something at least.

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Hail Tomorrow !

We did! It was actually a nice day today (less heat than we've been having) and we took the dog out for a hike.

i went for a walk today - and a god d*** wasp stung me in the back of the head for NO F***ING reason - fucking cunt with wings.
So much for enjoying nature LOLZ

Yeaah i went golfing it was fucking horrible

Does masturbating count

I typed many posts on steemit. So, my fingers got enough exercise.

yah i agree with you @berniesanders sir ....i went every-morning long run...and i feel refreshed

running is a popular form of physical activity and Both running and jogging are forms of aerobic exercise.
Benefits of running help to build strong bones and maintain healthy weight.