HYDAX: Offering Trading Contest, Regional Angel Program, Hydax Affiliate Program, Alongside Some Upcoming programs, such as; Hydax information Updates, Perpetual Contract Trading Master Recruitment and New trading pair

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Gone are the days that i choose exchanges based on instinct. My experience with crypto exchanges is now quite different. If an exchange is not bringing in anything new and unique, i see such as a no go area. What is am saying invariably is that, the point of attraction must be innovation. It is either innovation or no other. Therefore, you should not now be surprised why i chose to use Hydax. Despite being new, particularly a new generational exchange that was officially launched in the middle of this year, to cater to the needs of investors and traders alike. This is why i will be giving you some amazing packages offered through this wonderful exchange.

Trade Contest
One of the strategic means through which professional marketing, awareness and easy invitation to astute traders is through trading competition. This is why Hydax exchange has decided to bring in this breathtaking opportunity to the entire crypto community, where they have decided to listen and hearken to the request os many users, by bringing in the trading competition of VAS, on VAS/USDT trading pairs. It was also discovered that VAS went as much as x8 from the starting price. That is quite surprising right? This is a fit that is quite difficult to achieve, most especially during this hard times in the crypo space.
This is to also tell you that Hydax exchange does not just bring in or launch any project on their exchange, but promising, trustworthy and innovative projects. So expect more of it in the near future.
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Regional Angel Programme
Just as part of community involvement, which is the secret to greater and unique success, Hydax exchange has deemed it fit to enback on angel recruitment of crypto enthusiasts, who are interested in communuty management as well as those who have experience in cryptocurrency trading. The exchanfe won't just be bringing in unwilling persons, but those who are patient and always come up with creative ideas. The recruitment will be done across so many regions and countries of the world. Different telegram groups have also been created to this effect. Individuals, groups and institutions alike are welcome to join this brilliant idea.
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Hydax Affiliate Programmes
Hydax exchange is so benevolent to give everyone, both professionals and nonprofessionals, educated and non-educated , in inviting crypto lovers to earn more crypto, most especially a promising coin like HDX. This might be a new experience to some, because it is one of the new ways to easily earn crtptocurrency. All you have to do is to invite others to join the exchange platfirm, through your referral link.
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Hydax Information Updates
Information they say is power. Hydax exchange values information, which is why the exchange keeps its community abreast on latest happenings and developments. In view of this, Hydax release Bi-weekly report for impoetant updates. The vast community if Hydax exchange are well cherished and never kept in darkness. This is why no one is left out whenever there us any opportunity to earn and learn. Up-to-date information on Hydax exchange can be accessed through the website http://www.hydax.com, telegram group https://t.me/HydaxExchange, telegram news channel https://t.me/HydaxNews, twitter http://twitter.com/HydaxE, medium http://medium.com/hydax, chinese telegram group http://t.me/HydaxChinese and many more of other groups, where other foreign languages are spoken. You are free to join any of these.
Reference: https://hydax.zendesk.com/hc/en-001/articles/360036096772

Perpetual Contract Trading Master Recruitment
Hydax exchange craves for improvement, growth and development, which is why a recruitment programme for perpetual contract masters is ongoing. Just like i said earlier, Hydax exchange is here to choose the best of the best. This initiative has the propensity to attract more users, to trade perpetual contracts on Hydax exchange platform. This is a rare phenomenon, so if you feel you are one, you can simply apply and i believe you will have a good experience with them.
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New Trading Pair
There are diverse promising and innovative coins that have been listed with new trading pairs. One of such coin is GRIN. GRIN has been listed on Hydax exchange with GRIN/USDT and GRIN/BTC trading pairs. TRON is also one those great coins listed on Hydax exchange, alongside VAS, which was earlier discussed. Do not miss these great opportunities and expect more wonderful and promising listings.

There is a saying that "an opportunity once lost might never be regained." I will urge you not to miss this great opportunity of a life time. Hydax has come at the time we need it most. Be part of the brilliant idea and great revolution.