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This is my entry to the contest:

Do you know Orinoco? CONTEST

Many of the Venezuelan users of resort to the platform, beyond our passion as bloggers or content developers, we do it as an alternative way to obtain an additional income that allows us to overlap the difficult economic situation that currently face our country.

With the accumulation of some amount of encryption we can cover many of your basic needs, such as: Food, medicine, personal products, among others.

This is where "Orinoco Cambio" comes into play, a decentralized company that allows the exchange of Steem or SBD cryptocurrencies to Bolivars in an instantaneous way, with a minimum interest rate, all through a friendly interface with multiple functions that will make the exchange more attractive and Safe for the customer.

It is important that we know the benefits and advantages offered by this platform, so that we have this brilliant alternative that can help us grow and fortify our efforts within the Blockchain

Now you can also buy Bitcoin (BTC) in a solid and effective way!

Without more details,

Let's start our trip!

How does the Variable Calculator work?

In this segment I will explain in an EASY way how to use the Variable Calculator offered by the Orinoco Cambio portal.

The Variable Calculator shows the equivalent value of the cryptocurrency Steem or SBD in "Sovereign Bolivars" (Bs S.), its characteristic "variable" is given because it takes into account the changes or fluctuation of the cryptocurrency according to the supply and demand of the stock market, this means that the value is updated in real time, so you can detect the highs and lows of the encryption (Steem) at the moment of making the exchange.

You only have to enter in the upper box the figure of Steem or SBD that you wish to change and it will automatically show you in the lower box the equivalent in Bs S. according to the moment rate.

As an example, let's assume that we have the amount of 55 Steem that we want to sell to Orinoco Cambio, but we need to know what the rate is for the moment and how many Bs S. correspond to us for the exchange.

Well, as we explained in the previous segment, we only enter the amount in the upper cell and READY, the Variable Calculator takes care of the rest...

To complete your exchange, just press the "CHANGE" key and follow the instructions of the system!


Proceed to change something of Steem or SBD and you will see the results

How to create your order from Steemit with the Single Memo?

Orinoco Cambio has established the 'Single Memo' modality to facilitate the management of your transactions, this tool consists in the generation of a "unique" character code which is associated with the bank account number which you have assigned to your personal session of the system.

You will ask yourself:

What is my only memo? Where can I locate it?

It is very EASY, then I will explain where you are and how you can use it to create your order directly from your user account without having to enter the Orinoco Cambio interface. Note that this tool is available for those moments when you want to speed up your transaction without having to open several windows on your computer, or maybe, when you are limited in time and want to shorten some steps, but keep in mind that you will always be welcome at the start of your session of the Orinoco Cambio platform for a wider experience.

Ok, let's get to the point;

To quote this example I will use my personal account.

Once you have started your session, go to the "Profile" icon:

When doing 'Click', you will see something like this:

(Some sensitive data was hidden for security reasons)

Very well!

Then you enter the compartment "Banks" and right there you will find what you were looking for:

(Some sensitive data was hidden for security reasons)


So far I have shown you how to place your Unique Memo in your Orinoco Cambio account.
Now we go to the next step to specify the Create Your Order action from

(Some sensitive data was hidden for security reasons)

Very good my friend, as you see it,

you only have to make a transfer from your Steemit wallet, for the amount you decided. You place your 'unique memo' in the lower cell and you will have created your order instantly.

You can save the single memo in a safe place inside or outside your computer for future operations.

You must remember that the transaction will be recorded in the record of your Steemit wallet and then you must proceed to communicate through the Discord Channel with a friend "Colibrí" (collaborator) to track your transaction.

But just wait a prudent time and you will see that the funds have already been deposited in your account, remember that Orinoco Cambio offers a




The higher the amount of Steem or SBD you decide to change, the system will assign you the highest preferential rate of change.

How does our SBD/STEEM service work with BTC?

Orinoco Cambio's latest innovation is truly amazing. With a vision of the future set out in competitiveness and constant growth, the Orinoco Cambio platform now allows you to change your Steem or SBD to Bitcoin (BTC), saving commission expenses and without delays, characteristic of most exchange services when it comes to cryptocurrency, bitcoin, among others ERC-20.

"The exchange rate is variable";

What does this mean? How it favors you?

The more transactions you make, the longer you take to exchange your Steem and SBD for BTC, the higher the exchange rate.

Yes, as you read it!
a privilege for the client and his eagerness to change his cryptography.

You just have to register your Bitcoin Wallet and the system will issue an alphanumeric code corresponding to your 'unique memo', something similar to the 'unique memo' associated with your national bank accounts.

Pay a lot of

You should go back to the "Profile" icon, this time you will select the "Wallets" option, as shown in the image:

Now, you 'Click', in "Type of Currency" (BTC), enter the amount you decided and the address of your Bitcoin wallet. Instantly, your BTC address will be associated with a 'unique memo'.

That's it!

Follow some brief indications that the system will give you and your exchange will be on its way

To buy some BTC, directly from the platform, you just need to deposit your Steem or SBD in the Steemit account of 'Orinoco Cambio' in the same way as in the previous step when you learned to use the 'unique memo'

And now, without complications...

You will have made your exchange through BTC quickly, safely and without setbacks.

"Attention, for local bitcoin users, transactions will be executed instantly and without commission charges."

Use the SBD/STEEM service to BTC of Orinoco Cambio and grow your portfolio of Digital Values as you always dreamed.

All in one place and with the quality of Orinoco's Service I change the platform par excellence of the clients who think about the future of their Cryptography.

, after all these reasons,
What are you waiting for?

"It's all for now, I hope this material has potentially contributed to your knowledge in the world of encryption and how to take advantage of Orinoco Cambio and its innovative system."

Thanks for
your kind attention


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Excelente la información, una bonita diagramación, podrias ahora hacerla en español como te indico el profesor @lanzjoseg un buen aporte @nachomolina suerte en el concurso.

Hola amiga!
Claro que sí, tomaré en cuenta su consejo...

Te lo dijo el profesor @lanzjoseg

Dear @nachomolina

I'm very sorry for replying to your post with such a huge delay. I know you shared link to your publication with me few days ago. It has been quite intense few days.

is the only service you guys are using in Venezuela to cash out your steem? how does this process look like? Perhaps @juanmolina could also drop a message?