Introducing Huobi Russia Branch: The Revolutionary Exchange Platform

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Brief Introduction

Cryptocurrency use-cases are beginning to ground in the global industry lately and we can trace back its history to the year 2009 that Satoshi Nakamoto introduced BTC to the world after which a whole lot of cryptocurrencies have been also launched into the circulation since then which is as a result of the new blockchain projects that are coming up. We should be reminded that the most common and safest means of purchasing these cryptocurrencies is through crypto-exchanges while others being initial coin offerings and also crypto-mining.

There has also being a consistent complain by cryptocurrency traders that only few of the cryptocurrency exchanges in circulation meets up with their expectations and even at that, the big exchange names that they feel safe with are also being tackled with some major challenges which makes them feel uncomfortable while trading. Some of these challenges include;

  • Adulterated volumes that set traps for traders hence, recording loss during trades.
  • Lack of proper security measures which exposes the platform to the risk of hack and cyber attacks thereby leading to loss of hard earned funds
  • Non-efficient customer care support to help traders out with whatever issue they’re facing on the platform
  • Delayed deposits and withdrawals
  • Lack of proper trading tools to assist traders in making good decisions in trading
  • Lack of user-friendly interface to allow smooth trading by newbies, hence leading to discouragement of newbies from cryptocurrency trading and
  • Extremely high trading, deposit and withdrawal fees that imposes inconvenience to traders.
    However, Huobi Russia is here to bring lasting solutions to all of these challenges.

Introducing Huobi Russia Platform

Huobi Russia is a branch of the worldwide known Huobi group which was founded in the year 2013. This platform was established in partnership with the blockchain and stock trading experts in Russia. They also cooperates with VEB digital transformation centre in aspect of training, legislative and regulatory initiatives also with blockchain research.

Huobi Group is well known all over the world in the aspect of digital exchange and is always putting great efforts towards the expansion of their platform and as a result, they’ve expanded to Singapore, USA, Japan, Australia, South Korea, Hong Kong and Thailand. Huobi Russia is just another new expansion of this great group.

How’s Huobi Russia Different from other Exchange Platforms?

  • Efficient support system that is readily available to attend to users
  • Dedicated high speed API connection
  • Listing of new projects
  • Excellent user interface
  • Special conditions on commission for traders
  • Over 200 trading pairs to assist traders in trading efficiently
  • Own OTC market
  • Mining pool service
  • Mobile application available for iOS and android to ease trading on mobile devices
  • Very easy registration and quick verification without complications
  • High security measures o keep users fund safe without any risk of fund loss

What added benefits are to be enjoyed by holders of HTR tokens?

  • 50% discount on packages for market maker
  • Ability to participate in private sales of promising projects
  • 20% discount on trade commissions in pairs to HTR 25%
  • Access to airdrop events hosted on the platform
  • Ability to vote for development and investment based decisions of the platform
  • Used to pay for services provided by the platform such as listing, consulting, marketing promotion, project acceleration and consultation services.

In conclusion, Huobi is ready to combine the vast experience and credibility of their platform to ensure a a worthy trading experience to all cryptocurrency traders via their new Huobi Russia platform and as a result of their professionalism, this project is surely a very safe one to invest on.

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