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In the last few years, blockchain technology has been witnessing rapid growth and gaining more recognition in the financial market as it seems to offer investors an entirely new series of investment portfolios. Correspondingly, the volume of trade in digital currencies has also been growing in leaps in the recent past. This has attracted several big-time institutional investors to the cryptocurrency market over time.
However, as good as the expansion in the cryptocurrency market is, it is not without some challenges threatening its future growth. For example, the cryptocurrency market is just at its formative years and as such, it is highly volatile and very risky to dabble into.

The sole investors usually do not have the necessary trading experience and market analysis tools required to analyze projects as it is traditionally required in the financial industry. Attempt at trading or managing assets independently with no prior experience and sound knowledge of the financial market can result in market failure and huge capital loss. This is what Taklimakan Network Platform is out to correct.



Taklimakan Network is developed to equip and bring novel investors by offering completely new market analytical tools and very sound knowledge of the financial market; this, it is believed will reduce the chances of losing their capital. On the Taklimakan Platform, expert traders and market analysts come together to rub minds and offer quality advises based on their experiences. This will help the newbie investors to be more prudent and professional in managing their capital.

Taklimakan Platform is set to amaze even the age-long professional investors because it offers interesting and exciting features by incorporating social media and investment into blockchain technology. This is the unifying power that is exclusive to the platform. Again, the Taklimakan Platform develops a special and carefully-planned fund management system for all traders and investors on the platform.

Components Of Taklimakan Network
i. Analytics Trading signals and strategies
ii. Asset and fund management
iii. Internal payment system
iv. Educational Materials
v. Crowd Predictions
v. General functionality

Opportunities Offered by Taklimakan Network
On the Taklimakan Network, participants can achieve their drabs of becoming a project investor. Similarly, the platform equally offers relevant information which might be essential in making wise investment choices. More often than not, when people engage in initial coin offering (ICO), they do so in a bid to earn big within a very short while. They, therefore, buy cryptocurrencies during the pre-sale session and sell them off on the exchange as soon as those tokens get listed.
However, in recent times where there are so many initial coin offerings in the cryptocurrency market, the new investor can not be sure of making profits within a short while when investing in cryptocurrency. In fact, in some cases, the cryptocurrencies are totally unprofitable. This is due to lack of information and such quality market information and advise is what Taklimakan platform offers new investors.


Taklimakan Token
The Taklimakan token TAN is the local currency of the Taklimakan Network. It is an ERC-20 standard type token and it is used for all activities in the platform; making payments, trading, consulting for advice, investing in projects and so on.
Taklimakan Network reduces the risk of losing investment capital for the newbie investors by offering expert advice on which project to invest in and quality market information to make a sound investment decision. It is truly a platform that brings innovation into the cryptocurrency community.


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