Do Our Best with Realistic Awareness 拥有现实意识地做到最好

in excellence •  14 days ago

It is important to do our best in building human relationship and doing relevant task. However, as we try our best, we need to be aware of our limitation or human imperfection. Failing to term with such awareness, we can easily become disappointed. In other words, we need to do what is meaningful joyfully, instead of miserably.

We can become complacent and fail to do our best when we are ahead of many people. Hence, if there is no one ahead of us, we need to strive towards the goal rather than looking at those people behind us. I have a friend who told me about his son who was studying at a school. He realised that it was not good for his son to continue studying there, since he ranked first in class irrespective of whether he studied or not. And such environment would easily make the child complacent. If we want to maximise our potential, it is not good to remain in the comfort zone.

However, if we over stress ourselves in a competitive society, it is not healthy. Without the awareness of our limitations, we can become depressed when we are not able to accomplish our desired objectives. We need to know that it is normal if we have tried our best, yet we don’t get perfect results. We have learn to accept our limitations though we always do our best. Hence, we can be thankful for doing our best, although we accomplish less than we have expected.





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