How to remove duplicate rows in excel?

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Some of the users may face difficulty with the duplicate rows in the worksheet, and you want to remove them and just want to make Unique rows. So how can you delete the duplicate rows Frequently? In the below article you will see the methods and easy ways to remove duplicate rows in excel.

In Microsoft excel support if you are working with spreadsheets and suddenly copy rows, and if you are preparing a composite spreadsheet for different others, you have to confront duplicate rows which you want to delete. It may cause mindless and repetitive.and it may consume your valuable time. But there are so many different ways to make the tricky things simpler.

Option 1: Remove duplicates in excel
Are you the user of Microsoft office suite? So here is a good advantage because it builds up a feature to inspect and deleting the duplicates.

Let’s start with the cells which you want to target for the search. At this time we will select the whole table by hitting “Control” and “A” at the same time (ctrl+A).

Did you select the whole table successfully? Then you have to click on the “Data” tab on the top of the screen and select the “Remove Duplicates” tab to remove all duplicate entries:-

A small dialog box will appear, if once you will click on it. Now the first row has been automatically deselected. There is a reason behind it that the “Data has headers” box is already checked.

At this stage, before the table starts at “Row 1” we don’t have headers. In this case, deselect the “MY data has headers” box. After doing this all procedure, you can see that now the whole table is highlighted again and a section of “columns” has been changed from “duplicates” to column A, B, and C.

The whole table is selected now you just need to press OK “button” to delete all the duplicates. At this time all the rows which contain duplicate information except one which has been removed and the details related deletion will be shown in the pop-up dialog box.

Now here we will discuss the same issue in google sheets

How can we remove duplicate rows in google sheets:-

To do quality work by using google sheets means dealing with the essential data. Data might be not sorted or managed. In this case, you need an easy method to fix duplicate data entries .Also, hunting down and erasing repeating informational indexes doing manually is inaccurate and tedious.

On account of Sheet's help for additional items and capacities, this procedure can be handled within unimportant seconds.

If you are trying to remove Duplicates Add-on
Last time we talked some cool Google Docs additional items for essayists.The Remove Duplicates add-on can be introduced straightforwardly from the spreadsheet see. From the Add-ons menu select Get Add-on. Look for Remove Duplicates and place it accordingly. In a few seconds, the extra will be prepared to work.

Select the cells in Question and go ahead to Add-ons- Remove duplicates after installing it. it will bring you to multi-step popup menu where the selection will already be considered.

Do you need to find Duplicates and uniques in another step you can choose an option for this:-
Do you want to highlight the duplicate you can select a color you like? Now if you 're going to delete such an incident so here directly you can ask Add-on.

The add-on may take a minute and then it will appear with its findings.

When the Add-on works amazingly, at the time of using only 1 Row. If you try to use more than one Row, it will get unsteady.

Use the Unique Function
By this way, you need to leave a couple of rows from where the data is and enter the function=”UNIQUE()” Select the cells you want to filter, once you have opened the parenthesis.; Also you could select the rows. Close the parenthesis and hit on “Enter.”

Copy of data has been just created by you which you have. Repeated values did not include. Delete the previous cells and rows, and you can notice you have done.

OPTION 2- Advanced filtering in Excel
“Advanced Filter” can be used to identify and delete duplicates in Excel. In Excel 2003 this method has also been applied. By opening up, the Excel spreadsheet start it again. To setup, an advanced filtered in excel sheet first step is “Organize the Data Source” where you needed to arrange your data by following two simple rules.
First, add a header row where you need to make sure that every column has different heading because if there is any duplicate heading, it will create confusion to filters and will not provide an appropriate result.
Secondly, you need to make sure that there should not be any blank rows which consist your database.


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