Hungarian Government just declared George Soros as "An Agent of SATAN" - WE TOLD YOU FIRST!

in evil •  last year

Globalist George Soros, the man we've exposed as THE MAN OF LAWLESSNESS as prophesied in the Bible, has just been declared an "agent of Satan", and an "enemy of humanity" by the Government of Hungary.

This truly evil man will stop at nothing until this world falls into chaos.

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May God be with you.

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The man of perdition has been exposed time and time again! Why anyone cannot see his nefarious agenda is beyond me!

I truly wish I could see him turning from his ways and make right what he has done ever so wrong, but sadly I doubt there is hope for that...

What more can be said for such a creature? Let it pass away from the righteous.

Real life Palpatine >>

His eyes even show he is evil!

He is a truly evil man

It's hard to imagine a person being so evil


Very much so. To have so much hatred and think there won't be consequences.