Serious and permanent injury to my body, including most intimate parts of my body

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Serious and permanent injury to my body, including most intimate parts of my body

The events of January 2014, in conjunction with the numerous cases of (deliberate) medical negligence and refusals to conduct diligent investigations resulted in permanent injury to my body–including most intimate parts of my body–and to this day multiple puncture wounds are visible on left groin and directly related to them damage of the genital, urinary and nervous system:

  • damage to the genital system–disorder of / often occurring complete disappearance of the scrotal reflex, very visible change in the form and function of sexual organs, resulting in the impossibility of having healthy sexual intercourse,
  • damage to the urinary system–neurogenic bladder, problems with urination and urinary retention,
  • damage to the nervous system–frequent numbness with tingling of the entire left part of my body, from pelvis, where the scar is visible, to the area of the ankle of the foot.

All physical symptoms are corroborated in medical documentation gathered since then – 9 reports from 8 different medical professionals – including Computer Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) including nerve MRI, Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), 3 ultrasound (USG) tests including nerve ultrasound, and physical examinations performed by specialist physicians, including plastic surgeon, neurologist and urologist.
Observed injury is iatrogenic, which can only take place in the case of a (failed) medical procedure. However, I was never in jail, I was never in hospital, and these events took place 3 months into a new 2-year business contract, at the start of year 2014, in flat which I was renting at that time.




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