My Evergreen Playlist: Heal the world

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My evergreen playlist track for today is Heal the World by Michael Jackson from his 8th studio album, Dangerous in 1991 and it simply talks about making the world a better place for you and for me through healing.

I Feel Blessed!

I believe we need to heal the world by making it a better place for someone today and everyday. The universe cannot take care of itself or even function without us and we are the true equalizer and force behind its very existence. Do you know that every time there is war and strife, the universe weeps?
I particularly love this song because it is a clarion call to us all to do the best we can for the good of humanity. We will not live forever, but our legacies will and it will be a crime to be remembered for everything that is wrong with the world. The song was a commercial success and was on the UK Singles Chart and the Billboard Hot 100.
The video is emotionally charged and I feel challenged every time because, it features children from war torn zones and how they shouldn't look in a world with so much love. It kinda tells us to be thankful of the beauties of the day and as we see it, we should not take anything for granted.

Love is all and when we live in love, we will be able to bring so much peace to the world. We do not need to live in strife and anger and we definitely do not have to turn our beautiful cities to slums and deserted trails. We need love, we need healthy and happy looking children. We were once children and it is only right that there will continually be more children after us and we must not do anything to jeopardize their future.
Make the world a better place for someone today!

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Only man can heal and save the world. God placed us here and equip us with all that we need to make our world a better place for ourselves. All the problems in our world are caused by us and only us can make them go away. A little love here and there for one another regardless of our color, race, religion, political affiliation or status would cause a great change in our world. The safety of our world is in our hands


The safety of our world is in our hands no doubt and everyone must play a role towards the survival of the human race.
Stay awesome!

@ejemai.. Micheal real healed many souls across the globe with that song .
You wouldn't believe, I weep each time I listen to it.
The world really need healings, it really needs to be a better place for you and me.
Let love lead!!


Love leads and all else follow.
Stay awesome!

My all time favorite!

nice song my friend :)

I wish no one would grow and they always stay as children and this world would be a paradise, of course there would be fights and brawls but only innocent ones which would take no time to end at a simple gesture of love or a bribe of a sweet or a cookie. This song makes me shed a tear or two every time I hear it. Its one of my all time favorite album. Will always love you Michael. Thanks a million for sharing this #ejemai :)