Get Your Tickets For SteemCampUK 2

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SteemCampUK is a participant-led unconference for anyone involved with or interested in the STEEM blockchain and its applications. This is the second annual gathering and this year @lloyddavis is joined by @shanibeer as co-host.

STEEM has been running for two-and-a-half years now and is maturing from "blockchain-based blogging" into a decentralised platform with different interfaces, specialist media sites and new gaming applications like STEEM Monsters and MagicDice. There's also work going on to provide smart token functionality to support a whole token economy similar to those that exist with Ethereum, EOS and TRON.

Whether you're familiar with STEEM or not, you'll get a great deal from meeting and working with people who have immersed themselves in this platform for the last couple of years. Many of us say we came for the crypto and stayed for the community. It's a full day of conversation driven by you. You get to decide who you talk to, what you talk about and what you might work on together.

Tickets are £10 and available here.

It really helps excitable organisers like me and @shanibeer to have confirmed bookings as early as possible. Any existing STEEM user who books will be added to our auto-vote and get 100% up votes for a reasonable number of posts per day.

At the moment, our STEEM Power is relatively small, but all post rewards for this account will be powered up so voting for this post and considering delegating some STEEM to this account (I've delegated 500SP) will help everyone. Ticket sales are going towards my cost of being there to run the day, but anything left over will be turned into STEEM power to up vote participants going forward. You can see an example of how this happened transparently last year here.

And, if you happen to be crypto-rich but fiat-not-so-rich you can pay 50 STEEM or 15 SBD (check with me first - exact amounts might change depending on market prices) and I'll consider payment in other (major) cryptocurrencies, y'know if we happen to have any BTC or ETH whales reading this...

I'm looking forward to seeing an interesting bunch of you in sunny* Leicester at the beginning of April.

photo by @rimicane from SteemCampUK 2017 in Birmingham.

*sunny not guaranteed

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Ugh, I'm trying to find an answer on how difficult it will be to travel to the UK in case of a hard(er) Brexit, but all I can find is 'EU has to ask for advance permission' to fly to the UK, but there's no guarantee I will easily get there. SteemCampUK is just one week after March 29th, so it's too much of a travel risk for me for now. I guess I'll have to wait and see how it goes, if a deal is made before March 29th I might make a last-minute decision to come :-) Cheers and good luck preparing!

Personally I don't think it will be much different all the Brexit hype is bull. Apparently we will run out of food and medicines and everyone will die if you read the propoganda media.

In reality it will either be extended; as no deal has been made and if they wanted to they could! Or the will bring in article 25 which allows an exit with two year to work a trade deal out ummm they have kept stum about that one. Or we will leave and it'll be fine. Last they will insight riots and blame the collapse of the fiat system on brexit and crypto will boom.

So don't fear cos is all BS 💯🐒

I live in Rotterdam, which houses the biggest harbour in Europe, and have first-hand (not 'from the media') info on how we're preparing for different Brexit scenarios... It's not pretty and consequences will be notable, even in a lighter Brexit scenario.

But we don't know the outcome yet, so we'll have to wait and see and stay optimistic :-) Too many uncertainties for me to be spending money on an airplane ticket now though.


Ahh sure it'll be fine either way the shit will hit the fan. But either way positive thinking it'll be fine 💯🐒

I completely understand the uncertainty at the moment and the difficulty for other Europeans to commit under these circumstances.

Fingers crossed we'll be able to happily welcome you to Leicester. Do keep an eye on us.

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Ooh, it's me with @slobberchops and @ultravioletmag! Wonder what we were talking about. I'll be there. I will see if I can gather enough crypto to cover my ticket. Should have that soon.

Hi I am a Steemians from the other side of the world, Sunshine Coast Australia. I will be in London for a few days around this time, if I can get clearance from she who must be obeyed and work out how to get from London and Back then I’d love to come along to @SteemcampUK

Hi Stephen, great to hear from you. Even if you can't make it up to Leicester, I'm sure we can engineer some Steemians for you to meet in London at that time :)

Would be great to meet up with some Steemians in London.

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Sounds great I am planning to attend coinfest but might bob down for the day. Where can I find more details ? 💯🐒

Thanks, we clashed with coinfest last year too. Next year I might have learned the lesson! As many details as there are at the moment are on the ticketing page

What's the current ticket price in SBD?

Hi Steve, the SBD price still the same 15SBD or given the changes in price this week, I could accept 45STEEM - it will always be slightly more expensive for you to pay this way because I have to take fees for conversion to fiat into consideration.

I've sent you that with a little extra. Looking forward to it.

many thanks for booking early and the little extra, really appreciate it. Looking forward to working with you on the day :)

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