Bought another 80k ETN @290 sats lastnight and for once in my life I feel so so(UP 34.20%)

in etn •  9 months ago

Well last night something was telling me that I had to double up my position in ETN so I sold all my XRP and bought another $2500 in ETN. I guess the crypto gods were speaking to me. Not a huge profit or anything seeing how I bought my other position around .15/etn, but at least I am wildling down all those losses.

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That big of a spike is rarely sustainable. Take a bit of profit sir. 👍


I just sold it all and was able to buy an additional 600 or so xrp as a result. I will just continue to hold my original position of etn I bought last year. I don't like having too much in one coin. Trying to get up to 5000 XRP before the next pump. :)