EthLyte Crypto (EtLyteT) Wallet App & Airdrop Review

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If you're looking for a rare coin (10 Million Token Max Supply) that is built to provide world-class financial products and services (gift cards, debit cards, p2p loans, escrow services, insurance services, etc) then please allow me to suggest you look at one crypto project that I happen to market. It's called EthLyte Crypto and the call-sign is: EtLyteT

Here are a couple of videos about the wallet and the airdrop, including a review of the wallet and airdrop, which should answer any questions you might have about how to get the app, use the app, or sign up to the airdrop to get some EtLyteT tokens for free.

EthLyte Crypto Wallet App (Trailer)

EthLyte Crypto Wallet App & EtLyteT Airdrop Review

For more about the Airdrop, you can head directly to

To download the app, head to and it will redirect you to the EthLyte Crypto App on the Google Play Store.

And of course, for more info about EthLyte Crypto, including the Roadmap, whitepaper, team info, crowdsale info and more, go to where you'll find all of that and more about EthLyte Crypto.


Went there, read the white paper, browsed through the website, read the airdrop terms... I assume you're the same Yasha Harari leading the marketing for this project so I'll share with you my negative/constructive feedback and hope that you'll treat it as the later.
I didn't join the airdrop, because the whole thing just looks bad, aside from the homepage, everything looks amaturish, this is not a website ready for production, it screams crappy product. the content is also not convincing, the best thing about ethlyte, as it seems, is that there aren't many coins - anything else?
Language and copywriting lacks.. I do join in on shitty airdrops from time to time and give them a chance, but the website and airdrop letter were such a turnoff. I have no trust in it, I think saying things like:

If you do not join EthLyte on Telegram and be active there (comment regularly), you will not be paid!

allows this airdrop to not pay almost anyone.

I think your project is not well presented.

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