EthLyte Airdrop is now Live

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Airdrop of the Community Crypto For the People, By the People, About the People
EthLyte, the cryptocurrency built to provide high-end financial products and services, and perhaps more importantly, to empower 2+ Billion unbanked people with world-class FinTech and AltFi products and services, has launched its Airdrop on


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Also, if you are looking to get some tokens without investing or mining check out Crowdholding ( They are a co-creation platform were you get rewarded for giving feedback to crypto startups on the platform. You can earn Crowdholding's token as well as DeepOnion, ITF, Smartcash and many other ERC-20 tokens.

Thanks. I'm glad you like the post. Be sure to get your free ETLYTE tokens during the airdrop! The coin is very rare. Only 10 Mn coins Max Supply, and projected to be fewer after the planned burn. and be sure to visit to read about EthLyte, the whitepaper and to get in on the Crowd Sale.

join airdrop,

KuCoin is extremely proud to announce yet another great project coming to our trading platform.
Crypterium (CRPT) is now available on KuCoin. Supported trading pairs include CRPT/BTC, CRPT/ETH.

To celebrate the listing, Crypterium will also run an airdrop distributing 265 000 CRPT among KuCoin users. Users meeting all of the following requirements will have a chance to share an Airdrop of 265,000 CRPT:

  1. Users must hold at least 6 KCS on KuCoin, based on a snapshot taken at October 1, 2018, at 14:00:00(UTC + 8).
  2. Users must purchase at least 15 CRPT on KuCoin from September 24, at 18:00(UTC+ 8) to October 1, at 14:00:00, 2018(UTC+ 8).

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