Etherium's price is falling in a bearish manner

in etherium •  2 years ago  (edited)

What many suspected is now happening.
Etherium's price is falling in a bearish manner.
Although it is fundamentally sound, the market price of Etherium got ahead of itself.

Coinbase is having reoccurring system problems with Etherium withdrawals.

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Healthy for how much its risen in the past few months. I don't know any of us thought it would pass 400 this soon. Still bullish for the long term tho!

There are a few tecky nerdy type crypto investors that were publicly coming out and saying Etherium's price was way ahead if its true market value. All still holding ion to their bit coin. Yet they sold off etherium

I am short term bearish aswell you can check out my charts here

It's insane that the crypto market is so panic-driven. It'll get back up in no time.