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RE: Ethereum Rollercoaster - Are you IN ?

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To be honest I wasn't expecting such a comment from Bill Gates, i recall at some time that he was on board with the idea.

He is only on board when he gets piece of the cake. Like recent disastrous cashless move in India. He likes control, look how windows behave. Crypto without elites control? No way, so no surprise there.


Well I don't know. I kinda like this guy an the things he have done in the philantropy area.

These super rich tend to have two faces. One is for the public & tax exempts.

For example. He invests his own money to help undeveloped countries with vaccinations. Good soul. And good PR. On the other hand, on TED talk he is talking about over population. He slipped and said, that you can only do so much (controlling the birth rate) with vaccinations. Interesting, a?

His foundation is behind common core. Do you understand the trend common core is causing? Kids are getting dumber and dumber. But kids from rich families gets best possible education in private schools. There are less and less chances that kids from common core schools will have any significant roles in the future. Do you see the trend?

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