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Fireside Crypto: ICOs are BACK

in ethereum •  2 years ago 

What platform do you think will have the killer ICO this year?

Eth, NEO or EOS.

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ETH is my vote

I agree Eth, but Neo will definitely well.
I had EOS and just have this feeling Etherium will grow, I made some really NICE profits from EOS, bought in at.60.... sold at 4.00 and 8.00, and it may continue to climb, but the few times I wanted to trade it, and cash out some, say around when it hit 11.00, by the time I could sell it, days later it was back to 8.00, now I use Jaxx wallet and shapeshift so it could be that, but EOS was the only coin I had problems with, but to add my 2 cents, EOS will at least double to 20.00, I believe.
I just wanted to put all I can back into the top coins, and I can throw a little at a time back at the lower coins watching for the breakouts!!

NEO is going to be a huge coin.