List of Ethereum mining pools and features comparison

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This list of Ethereum mining pools is a work in progress and will be updated as new information becomes available. If you know of other pools that are not listed, or can provide missing information on any of the listed pools.

Note that the pools can and often do change features and fees with little to no notice, so check the pool website for current information. CryptoYeti does not endorse or recommend any pool listed below and all information is provided as informational only, please check with each respective pool website for any inconsistencies and their current policies.

Register Fee Minimum
per Day^
Bitclubpool Yes 0% ^^ ^^ PPLNS Yes Variable
Coinmine Yes 1% ? ? ? ? Variable
Coinotron Yes 4% 0.1 ETH 24 PPLNS Yes Variable No 0%*** 0.2 ETH 2 ? ? Variable
Donkeypool No 0%** 1 ETH 1  ?  Yes Variable
DwarfPool No 1% 1 ETH 24  ? Yes Static
EthereumPool No 1% 1 ETH 2 PROP Yes Variable
EtherMine No 1% 0.1 ETH 24 PPLNS Yes Variable
EthPool No 1% Solo* Solo* Pool Yes Variable No 1% 0.1 ETH 2 PPLNS/Time Prop Yes Variable
F2Pool Yes 4% 0.1 ETH 1 PPS ? ?
GetEth No 1% 0.5 ETH 2 PROP Yes Variable
MiningPoolHub Yes 0.9% 1 ETH 1 PPLNS Yes Variable
NanoPool No 1% 0.1 ETH 4 PPLNS ? Static
PooLTo.Be No 0%*** 0.2 ETH 12 PROP ? Variable
SuprNova Yes 1% 0.01 ETH 24 ? ? Variable
UTOCat No 1% 1 ETH 1 PPLNS/Time Prop ? Variable
Weipool No 1% 1 ETH 6 ? ? ?

Thanks very enlightening! Do you mind to add to your comparison list?

Here is a small and efficient Ethereum pool with friendly interface and low fees.

Income fees 0.5%
Withdrawals every 10 minutes for balances over 0.1 ETH
Free telegram bot to monitor workers

We can offer special conditions for miners with hashrate over 1GH/s. Please, feel free to contact.

You might want to check

The pool fee is 0% accross all Crypto pools: Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and Expanse.


  • The pools offers advanced transparency and shows the number of shares (total & per account)
  • A twitter notification runs on - for each new block found a message is posted
  • Support is given via Discord chat:
  • Pool working for more than 700 blocks on Expanse - see link below

Check out the different pools:
Ethereum Classic:

Would be great to welcome some miners!

Cheers! should be definitely listed here as well. this pool is generating high profit and according to users' tests it can beat any other pools' results. thanks a lot for the work you did!