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Hello Everyone,

This is Satish from India

Today I would like to tell you about an investment opportunity which I found recently in internet called Bitpetite.

Bitpetite provides Bitcoin Tumbler services to its users. So first you should know what is Tumbler service. Generally everyone thinks that the transactions made in Bitcoin are not traceble at all but actually it is traceble and every transaction can be identified if the sender and receiver address is attached to identity but in Tumbler service where the user funds will be transacted anonymously with pool of transactions then the user transaction cannot identified at any time.

For Example in a screen where pixel per inch are low then we can identify the pixcel and in other way round where pixel per inch are high then it is impossible to identify the pixels.


For providing Tumbler services, Bitpetite will charge commission 1 % to 5 % from the users. But to make the service success full they need huge funds.

Now to get huge funds Bitpetite is offering interesting opportunity to investors where users can lend money to Bitpetite for 6 week period or 9 week period. If the investor selects 6 week period then they can earn 4.5% interest daily with a net profit of 47% within 42 days and in the case of 9 week plan they are offering 3.6% interest daily with a net profit of 80% in 63 days.

Here the good point is that lender can withdraw his money daily without any restrictions.

And apart from this everyone can get capital appreciation from the cryptocurrency lending because when you lend Bitcoin to get interest in Bitcoin then the user will get principal and interest in bitcoin.

For example if you lend 1 Bitcoin for 6 week period then they will pay 1.47 Bitcoin in 6 weeks.


Till now so many people earned the money from it and having a userbase more than 50000.


To join in Bitpetite please signup using the below link

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